The one big worry that Democrats should have is that people who have historically voted and identified as Dems are voting for Trump in huge numbers.  The problem is real if if you listen to the reports from the GWP and RNC chair, Ronna McDaniel.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

The latest Trump rally numbers are absolutely sensational.

From 20% to 54% of attendees at the latest Trump rallies are NOT Republican.

The latest numbers from this week are absolutely AMAZING!

Minnesota — 53.6% NOT Republican

Wisconsin — 52.6% NOT Republican

Michigan — 49% NOT Republican

Florida — 19.3% NOT Republican

This smells trouble for the Democrats come Tuesday night …


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  • I am worried about Hilary being a elector. However, there are more than one so hopefully she will not be able to swing the others her way. This is her way of getting revenge and I hope and pray it doesn’t work.

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