The fate of this nation could very well hang in the balance of what occurs over the next 3 weeks in the swampy lands of the cold Northeastern territory of Washington DC.

After spending Christmas in Florida and calling on patriots to occupy DC December 6th, President Trump is making his own move towards the home we gave him in 2016 …

The Gateway Pundit, as usual has the inside baseball on Trump’s actions:

‘President Trump is cutting his Florida vacation short to return to Washington.

The President last week traveled to his Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach to celebrate the Christmas holiday with First Lady Melania.

The White House made the announcement on Wednesday however they didn’t give a reason for the President’s abrupt change of plans.

Trump will return to Washington Thursday, a few days earlier than previously planned.

President Trump likely wants to be in Washington as we come to the crescendo of this battle against the corrupt Democrat machine.

Earlier today Senator Josh Hawley announced he will object to the certification process on January 6th.

Trump’s legal team is still working around the clock appealing to state legislatures and urging them exercise their powers under Article II Section 1 Clause 2 of the Constitution and choose to send Trump electors to Washington on January 6th.’

What does Trump have in store?  Well, I’ve watched the man long enough to know two things. 1) Only Trump knows 2) The President’s actions will not disappoint his most loyal and trusting compatriots.


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