Opinion| Mark Sidney|  I think it is high time that we have a discussion in this country about what a ‘peaceful protest’ is and what a ‘peaceful protest’ is NOT.  As an example, holding a sign in a group, on a sidewalk, in a park or another public place designed for pedestrians is a good indication you are a peaceful protester.  Being polite and not throwing bottles, rocks, urine and animal or human poop and everything in that spectrum up to shooting guns at anyone are also signs of a peaceful protest.

On the other hand, if you find yourself in the middle of the street, jumping on cars, banging on windows, threatening to burn down the entire system if you do not have your demands met …. yeaaaaaa, that’s NOT a peaceful protest.

One more thing, do not let this confuse you: you are entitled to protest PEACEFULLY.  Violent demonstrations are not protests, and often then turn in riots.  Looting is a time honored tradition of a riot.

As for these clips, I am not quite sure who thinks they can jump on a police car, swarm around it, and believe that they are the victim when the cop driving the car tries to escape with his life.   Take a look at these videos and let me know what you think:


Detroit News reported: 

‘Police Chief James Craig said the officer who drove a police vehicle through a crowd of protesters Sunday night did so because the officer thought “they were being fired upon.”…

…The protest started out peacefully with about 350 people in Southwest Detroit calling for immigrant rights and an end to police brutality coming together. However, around 9:30 p.m., a police SUV tried to re-direct the march toward Dix Road and away from Vernor Highway, to avoid high amounts of traffic.

Craig said the protesters did not want to follow the direction of the police, and 20 to 30 of them began surrounding the SUV.

You can read the  complete report at The Detroit News.

Video of Police Chief Craig’s full press conference:

UPDATE: Dash cam videos:

What would you have done if you were the officer in this car?  Do you think he handled the situation properly?  It’s hard to feel badly for these aggressors after the cop begins to hit the gas after being in fear that his safety is in danger.  Again, by all means go out an protest, do your thing, however, DO NOT RIOT or INITIATE VIOLENCE …. that’s not protesting, that is being a criminal

Mark Sidney

Mark Sidney is a father, husband and advocate for a return to Constitutional governance. He now lives with his family in the South after fleeing the People's Republic of New Jersey.

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  • The way I look at it if it was a peaceful protest then the people would have let the officer through. By flipping off a police officer and piling on his car is not peaceful. The officer did nothing wrong here. People need to do this the right way and the news people need to quit lying throughout their show to get the ratings and causing division. Not all officers are bad and not all people are bad. All livers matter.

  • The only mistake by the officer was his start/stop action, he should have just plowed right on through once he started moving. Screw these idiots.

  • It’s about time. If you are blocking the road and jumping in the hood of a police vehicle you are no longer a protester. Now you are a scumbag anarchist. I think the cop was justified in plowing through.

  • I think the police officer right the protest did not need to block and climb on police car that was not a peaceful protest.
    they need to protest on black on black killing kids ever day where are black livers matter they need to address that.

  • I applaud the police. I noticed the second car that went thru did not have nearly as much trouble. They can call it “peaceful” protest all they want but it is not….They need to watch some MLK videos….and learn that law and order is necessary and they are NOT doing that…It should be allowed to run over someone blocking your car even if you are not a cop. They should not be able to continue to get away with this.

  • There must be a law where protesters-rioters and anyone else stepping out into oncoming traffic… is unlawful impeding the flow of traffic and shall be arrested and fined. These protesters-rioters for some reason believe flesh and bone are more than a match against fast-moving motor vehicles. If protesters-rioters intentionally step out in front of motor vehicle traffic and happen to get stuck, then it’s the responsibility of the protester-rioter to seek medical assistance for their outright ignorance of moving traffic. I wouldn’t give two shits how many were struck, the point is it’s a roadway for moving vehicle traffic, not a sidewalk.

  • They are Cultural Marxist Anarchists whose chief agenda is destroying the country and Republic. They want to replace it with a Cultural Marxist Police State. I would call them the minions of the Democratic Party because they have the same agenda and the same funding stream. They should be charged to the full extent of the law. They are Domestic Terrorist. Systemic Racism and Police overreach is being used as a catalyst for the brain dead and indoctrinated to join in the destruction of these criminal groups. If your Black you are being duped by these paid radical leftists. They don’t care about you or helping Blacks. Those funding them should also be charged and tried for sedition and treason along with these Anarchists. Those government officials that allow this to happen should also face criminal charges for encouraging, praising and letting them go with no consequences for their actions. I too would defend myself from these violent and crazed mobs if my life was threatened. Plus all the legal ramifications police are facing while just doing their job. If you radical leftist were concerned so much by Blacks killed by police, then don’t commit crimes or resist arrest.If you are supposedly so concerned by Blacks getting killed, then how come Black on Black killings don’t seem to concern you? The reason why is becaus,e that wouldn’t further your objective of racial division, and your political ends to bring about Communism to this country. You want mob rule and not the Rule of law.

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