Thanks to Facebook’s over the top election meddling campaign, which threatens to punish users/publisher for commenting on irregularities in voting data, covering voter f-word or anything else that may expose some sort of flaw in the counting of ballots, there is not much I feel comfortable adding to this report.

I think one should note the excuse the Democrats were using for needing to extent the date that people can vote.  I have no comment as to why, I just think it is interesting.  I wonder why there would be such a need to be able to count votes after the election considering we have weeks to vote prior to Election Day.  However, I want to be careful not to ask too many questions.

Letting votes be reecived AFTER Election Day sure sounds like a moral hazard to me, but what do I know, I’m just some guy with a keyboard and some opinions.  Here is what the Supreme Court decided on the issue:

Fox News explained:

‘The Supreme Court on Monday ruled against a request by Wisconsin Democrats to allow an extension for mail-in ballots that are received after Election Day.

In a 5-3 ruling, the justices refused to reinstate a lower court order that called for mailed ballots to be counted if they are received up to six days after the Nov. 3 election. A federal appeals court had already put that order on hold.

Democrats argued that the flood of absentee ballots and other challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic makes it necessary to extend the period in which ballots can be counted. Wisconsin is one of the nation’s hot spots for COVID-19, with hospitals treating a record high number of patients with the disease.

Republicans had opposed extending the Nov. 3 deadline, saying that voters have plenty of opportunities to cast their ballots by the close of polls on Election Day and that the rules should not be changed so close to the election.’

This comes after the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals approved a six-day extension for absentee ballots to be received in Wisconsin.   The now overturned decision would have allowed absentee ballots postmarked on or before Election Day to count, provided they were in before Nov. 9th.

Chief Justice John Roberts decided not to side with the far left members of the court which wanted to count the late to arrive ballots (Kagan, Breyer, and Sotomayor.)

Mark Sidney

Mark Sidney is a father, husband and advocate for a return to Constitutional governance. He now lives with his family in the South after fleeing the People's Republic of New Jersey.

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  • Yeah, well maybe the Dems are wanting a week after the election to gear up ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and our enemies all over the world so they can try to cause massive unrest and a takeover of the U.S. I just hope Trump and the Republicans know this could happen and have a few solid options on how to handle this unfortunately likely scenario. – BB


    • I have a remedy for the rioters and looters – soak ’em with gasoline and the torch ’em with a flame thrower. That will put a stop or at least slow ’em down.

    • well how about a antifa- blm & any enemies that we have– “hunting season”–no bag limit- just to be good sportsmen we have to buy “DIRT BAG HUNTING PERMIT “

  • IF a person is to stupid to vote within the time frame, they are to stupid to vote! PLUS, ballot stuffing at the last minute may be avoided.
    ANOTHER THING, If a voting location has more people voting than is registered/population wise legal to vote in that area, then once the ballot count reaches the legal number of persons eligible to vote, no further ballots are not to be counted. Having a 120 % more ballots than legal voters is surely a sign of vote tampering.

    • That wouldn’t work – it could abnormally skew the vote. What should happen is the entire precinct/district would not be counted! That way neither left nor right would gain an advantage.

      The problem with all of this “changing of election rules” is to make it easy to cheat. We need to go back to in-person voting, the only exceptions would be for individuals who cannot possibly be in person to vote, like military or civilians overseas, bed-ridden/hospitalized. Additionally each person should have to put their thumb print in indelible ink as well as show proof of who they are! AND NO ELECTRONIC VOTING – ONLY PAPER BALLOTS. Voting is a right, but it is up to each individual to engage in that right. If voting is not important enough to you that you don’t show up to vote, then your vote doesn’t matter! Both mail-in and earl voting should be banned, because they only allow for fraud.

    • But who is to say that the early ballots are all legal voters. After all slow Joe’s handlers were pushing people to vote early (so they voted before they learned the truth about Joe.)

  • Big surprise from Roberts who has been siding with the lefties, that Obama stacked the court with, for some time. Barratt will make a real difference in the court I think. Scalia’s dissent to homosexual marriage was a real masterpiece of legal writing. If the court visits this again Barratt could provide the overthrow vote. Kagan, for one, would not recuse herself from the vote even though she officiated gay weddings before joining SCOTUS. The epitome of activist judge.

  • Democrats have pushed for mail-in ballots for months so “voters [do] have plenty of opportunities to cast their ballots by the close of polls on Election Day…”

    If people can’t get their ballots postmarked by Nov 3, than tough. Everyone has had ample time to get ballots into the mail. As for my my husband and I, we will be dropping ours off at a Voter Service Center.

    So THANKFUL and GLAD the Supreme Court overturned that fraud laden lower court ruling!!!

    • And right there YOU don’t understand what this article said!!! Postmarked means NOTHING! The decision is that the ballot MUST BE IN THE HANDS OF THE ELECTION OFFICE by midnight of the 3rd of NOV! Nothing after that, except possibly absentee ballots, which is totally different than mail-in ballots!

      The whole reason that the left wants to be able to count late votes is so they can stuff ballot boxes if they find they need more votes.

    • Postmarked by 11-3 my rump. The ballots should be received by then. If you know you are going absentee for what ever reason you have to be smart enough to get it in the mail early.

      • I would much prefer that all ballots that were mailed in had to be COUNTED and VERIFIED before the poles open on election day. This would ensure that no ‘late arrivals’ could be counted.

      • It’s all the dumocraps and their bullshit. They can’t find boxes and boxes of Biden ballots if their not allowed to bring them in after the 3rd. Let them bring them in the middle of the night like they did in Michigan. They found 135,000 ballots and they all were for Biden, the DNC must have had then brought in. Traitor Joe will NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT. NEVER.

  • Does this only effect Wisconsin? I believe Pennsylvania was approved by the lower courts for a three day extension. If that is the case that should summit that to the Supreme Court if there is time.

    • The article mentioned the decisions by lower courts. This is a SUPREME COURT decision, meaning it pertains to ALL of the states.

  • Now I do not see where the basis of this SCOTUS decision is based on, now back in the day when we did not have instant communications, just how long do you think it took on horseback to carry the results from say El Passo to Austin most likely 3 days so the results were not the next day and how long do you think that it took a rider from Tallahassee, Florida to bring the results to Washington DC, well the best I can find out about a week, so once again there was no instant results of an election which is Trump’s and it seems the Supreme Court opinion.

  • To the dead or illegal voter little things like the election day aren’t as important as you might think. The dead guy was a Republican when he died.

  • Dear God, Please help America to elect the President you want to
    be over us. There is so much hate and people trying to destroy our America. I am sure you put our President Trump in office and I am sure you will return him to that office. Appreciate your love and concern for us.

    Thank you

  • Now we have a Postal worker whistle blower saying his bosses told them to date these ballots Nov 3rd even if they come on the 4th or later. And there’s no cheating going on, the dumocraps must think we were born yesterday.

  • I’ve said this all along, we need VOTER I.D. PERIOD. The only reason dumocraps don’t want it is because it would stop all the cheating and we all know they can’t win without it. Traitor JOE will NEVER be my president. PERIOD. If we needed another imbecile in office we could have called on OBAMA again.

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