[Opinion]  Ever since President Trump announced that he and the First Lady have been infected with Covid-19, the left has lost their ability to hide the fact that they want to see the Trumps dead.  There is no more need to speculate as to their wishes for their political rival, many have been so bold as to immortalize their ill wishes for Trump on social media.

These radical leftists and authoritarians appear to be so out of touch that they do not realize that the average moderate American is going to be horrified by such talk.  Even Rachel Maddow had the common decency and good sense to wish President Trump well:

However, what did she get from her fans for being an honorable and humane person?  More hate.

The Advocate reported that ‘Rachel Maddow Roasted for Tweeting ‘God Bless the President”

Never has the Democrat’s duplicity been on display more than in this moment, right now.  The crowd who pretends their moniker is ‘Love Trump’s Hate,’ is now openly wishing death upon their own president.

The most recent Democrat to drop their cloak and let America see their true colors is ‘film’ maker, multimillionaire, & socialist Bernie Sanders supporter, Michael Moore.

Breitbart reported on the uber rich and co-morbidity laden leftist’s recent tweet:

‘Left-wing documentary director and Joe Biden supporter Michael Moore took to Twitter on Friday to proclaim that his “thoughts and prayers are with Covid-19” following President Donald Trump having tested positive for the coronavirus.

“That poor virus got sucked into his body and is now trapped there. How can it escape?” tweeted Moore on Friday. “He wants to use it as a prop. ‘See this China Flu? I BEAT IT! Just like I’ll beat Biden! They’re both a hoax!’ My thoughts and prayers, too, are with Covid-19.”

Moore had been reacting to President Trump’s announcement that he and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for the Chinese virus.

“Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19,” wrote President Trump on Twitter. “We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”

Earlier in the day, Moore had floated the conspiracy theory that President Trump could be “lying about having COVID-19 to prepare us and counteract his game” and “gain sympathy” ahead of the presidential election.

“Democrats, liberals, the media and others have always been wrong to simply treat him as a buffoon and a dummy and a jackass. Yes, he is all those things. But he’s also canny. He’s clever. He outfoxed Comey. He outfoxed Mueller. He outfoxed 20 Republicans in the GOP primary and then did the same to the Democrats, winning the White House despite receiving fewer votes than his opponent,” wrote Michael Moore in a lengthy Facebook post.

“He’s an evil genius and I raise the possibility of him lying about having COVID-19 to prepare us and counteract his game,” added Moore of the president. “He knows being sick tends to gain one sympathy. He’s not above weaponizing this.”

Just like that, in a flash, the left has shown themselves to be everything they project on to conservatives.  Conspiracy theorists? Check.  Hearts filled with hate?  Check.  Willing to step over their political adversaries corpse to get their way? check.

At the end of the day Trump will emerge from the hospital, rested and ready for the home stretch of the campaign.  Democrats, however, will not fare so well.  Moderate voters will never forget just how unhinged and blood thirsty the Democrats have become.  The left’s inability to hide their true feeling for just a few weeks is going to result in another 4 years of constantly being triggered.

Mark Sidney

Mark Sidney is a father, husband and advocate for a return to Constitutional governance. He now lives with his family in the South after fleeing the People's Republic of New Jersey.

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  • Anyone who wishes death on someone else is not someone I want to support. I don’t have to vote for their party or purchase anything they are involved with. I think it’s pretty selfish for anyone to think the US is the only country suffering from Covid. The world is suffering from Covid and people are dying from it in every nation.
    I pray the President will come out of this in good shape and I think that is what everyone needs to see. He will be a survivor of a potentially deadly virus. We need to have that faith.
    America can’t confine ourselves to our homes and just sit and wait for someone to take care of us. I truly believe that everyone will get Covid at one point or another. If someone who lives in a tightly watched bubble, like our President, can catch this, anyone can. The way he handles will be an example for the rest of us.

  • and what , or who did you swallow ORCA , go marinate in your misery , your sick in that worthless head

  • Moore is just a massive waste of skin. I wonder if anything that wasn’t crap has ever come from his pie hole

  • Who gives a shit what Michael Moore the big fat slob has to say about anything. Maybe people wish he got the virus and croaked. I am so sick of the left with all their stupidity and rudeness and lies. They all act like rich little babies, including the politicians, the movies stars the musicians and pro sports players. They all need to stay in their own lane because we don’t care what they have to say. I have had enough of Nancy Pelosi, she is a crook, she’s a drunk , her daughters are criminals and drunks just like their mother. Her and her Democrat side kick are funding antifa and the low life roiters. Sick of them all!

  • TRUTH=Outfoxed, to these DEMORAT SLOBS! This SLOB mikey has cloned himself over the years,even his face is Fatter!!! WOW! Lol!!

  • Moore has a way with words that make people think along political views. You either agree with him, and love what he says or disagree, and hate what he says. A lot of Americans wish he would keep his hateful mouth shut. I keep remembering an old saying I was taught early in life, “If it isn’t true, or kind, or necessary, don’t say it.” Moore would do well to learn it too.

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