[Opinion]  Little Robert De Niro is embarrassing himself yet again.  Bob is no stranger to making a fool of himself while trying to ‘dunk’ on President Trump.  Take for instance this clip of the man who plays dress up and pretend for a living, (don’t get me wrong, it’s good work if you can get it, it sure pays well) cursing Trump out to a crowd of fellow elitist make believers.

Warning, the old man has a potty mouth:

Well, little Bobby is back at it again following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  De Niro told Yahoo Entertainment that Justice Ginsburg was a patriot and a trailblazer.

Yahoo reported:

‘Like so many Americans, Robert De Niro is grieving the loss of trailblazing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died Friday at the age of 87.

“She was a great American, period,” the Raging Bull and Goodfellas screen great, 77, told Yahoo Entertainment during a recent exclusive interview (watch above). “It only adds to the problem, and the situation now that she has passed, unfortunately. People like her are few and far between.”

Unfortunately it has been impossible to disassociate the death of American icon, embraced as “The Notorious RBG,” with a now-vacant seat on the Supreme Court that will be bitterly contested by partisan representatives of a deeply divided country.

After paying respects to Ginsburg, then, De Niro quickly pivoted to his prime target of ire the past four years: President Donald Trump.’

As if America was not already aware that the character actor was not a fan of President Trump, Robert seemingly became unhinged stating ‘“[He’s] a criminal who will stop at nothing [and] do anything to win,” De Niro told Yahoo. “We have to win it. Everybody has to join. We have to speak out and win this fight, period. We can’t let this go further. If [he gets] another four years, we’re into fascism, American-style, period.”’

Don’t worry, it’s not just Trump that the super rich actor does not like, its his supporters like you and I that he loathes too. ‘“It’s like they say it’s a ‘cult,’ and it is. And they don’t care what this person does. But they will care when they are directly affected by his behavior and the behavior of his enablers.” De Niro said of you and me.’

Bobby expressed his fears concerning what Trump has done to the country … in the eyes of the rest of the world: ‘“It’s unimaginable what will happen [if Trump is re-elected]. We would survive but it would be irreparable damage. In some ways now there’s irreparable damage, because the world looks at us like we’re crazy, allowing this crazy person and administration and enablers [to lead].”’

‘We have to vote him out of office and even then it’s going to be a problem,” De Niro said, not making a case for Biden, but rather trying to play the fear card up against ‘The Donald.’  “This guy is something we don’t understand, and a lot of people don’t understand. His logic, his mindset, it’s scary.”

To paraphrase the great Jeff Foxworthy, If you think ‘America First’ is scary … you might be a globalist!

Mark Sidney

Mark Sidney is a father, husband and advocate for a return to Constitutional governance. He now lives with his family in the South after fleeing the People's Republic of New Jersey.

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    • I see they have a full house of dems in that room. I only saw one female in there with shock and hands over her face looking around the room at everyone. I bet she didn’t know how many satanists were seated around her that night! She looks scared to be there. Fuck Deniro

    • Man… I can’t believe I used to like this jerk. Didn’t know any better. The guy is a COMPLETE ASSHOLE.!!! Typical Elitist Liberal

  • While I prefer actors and musicans do not force us to listen to their unwanted political opinions it does effect me as since I first saw what a foul mouthed buffoon DeNiro is I avoid watching anything he is in or on:}

  • Robert deNero can’t get off the stage. The only movie he could play in now would have to be based on a nursing home. Cukoo’s Nest IX would be a start. The world moves on and nobody cares about his offerings.

  • Why do actors feel they are so well informed politically that they need to tell us what to do and think ? DiNero has played so many tough guy roles he actually thinks he is now a tough guy . As for being smarter than the rest of us , how is it he is now reported to be destitute ? To much Good Fellows living Bobby ? Stick to acting fella , at least you are halfway good at that . Leave politics to intelligent people . Or better yet , you get in the political arena and run for something .

    • It’s called ‘massive ego’ and they think everybody is interested in what they believe (laugh hysterically). The same with Ashley Judd who has become a complete rambling idiot who makes no sense whatsoever! I can’t stand Hollywood and all the pervs that are there. You watch,. it will probably turn out that DeNiro was also among the so-called ‘elites of Hollywood’ who visited Epstein’s island or flew on his sex planes! They’re all weirdos with massive egos and I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies. Liberals have ruined going to see a movie and watching sports – nobody goes or is interested anymore. Wait until the money dries up and see how quickly they change their political views then!

  • There goes “LITTLE” Robert De Niro in his platform shoes to elevate him tall enough to reach the lowest position of the microphone showing the world his massive vocabulary of four letter ,one syllable words that he has studied for months to know the meaning.

  • Didn’t stop little bobby from scarfing up some of the payroll protection money to try and save his one star restaurants.

  • I don’t know how De Niro can speak with both feet in his potty mouth. If he can’t stick to his grade D acting career he should GTFO. No one cares what these ignorant Hollyweird. blowhards think!

  • “Broke & destitute” is what many older people suffer from, especially those who are insane like Little Bobby! Trump Derangement Syndrome is a terrible affliction to suffer from, right Bob?
    Save America from the fools & mentally insane like DeNiro. Re-elect Trump & while you are at it, elect Conservatives every chance you get.

  • This once great actor is now only an Old Fool and is becoming nothing more than an Organ Grinder Monkey.

    Instead of being included in the list of American actors like Clint Eastwood, Jimmy Stewart, Jack Lemon, Bogart, etc. he will go done in History as a Foul Mouth Hate America Nobody!

    Sad but True!

    • I never really thought of DeNiro as being a particularly great actor, adequate may be a more apt description of his acting ability.

  • President Trump is the best thing that’s happened to this Country in decades. He loves this Country with passion and we love Him for it. He’s not of the good ol’ boy club & they’re not quite sure what to do about it. Lie, cheat, and steal…and Trump is still gonna mop the floor with your asses. You’re gonna need to spend more time with your shrink Bobby…and up the dosage on that Prozac scrip…👍🏻🤣👍🏻🤣😜

    • You are so right! Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to this country. I hope and pray the election is not stolen from him. We all have to make sure of that if you know what I mean? I pray and hope one of his sons will run after he has it for the next four years. Let us all stick together!!!

      Why they don’t like Trump? He can not be bought, and they can’t line their pockets with all the money they want like they have been used to doing.

  • DeNiro is an old, washed up fool, to stupid to understand or appreciate what this county has done for him. His hatred for the freedom ALL of us enjoy and not just the spoiled Hollywood ignoramuses that slither around the streets of Hollywood and all over California, is amazing he cannot see the result of the Trump presidency It was the Trump “business-outsider policies” that enabled the economic growth that literally saved those $hitheads in Hollywood and their industry that would have died out if it were not for Trump’s ability to rebuild America after the Democrat’s lack of economic understanding nearly destroyed it under Obama. Such a talented individual with nothing left in life. It is Middle America that made America great, not these arrogant Hollywood elitists. I pity all these fools.

  • I’m gonna say one thing, “FUCK Robert De Niro”

    If you can post this article of a Shitbag degrading the President of the United States, I can post his words that you seem to like.

  • “We can’t let this go further. If Biden gets elected we’re into Marxism, American-style, period.”
    There ya go Bobby boy… I fixed it for ya! Old slow Joe won’t be in control of anything since his cognative abilities are diminishing rapidly; it’s be VP Harris in nominal control with all of the strings being pulled by the real power brokers in the dem party… Pelousi, AOC, Chucky-boy Schummer, etc. plus all of the lefitst billionaires from Soros to Steyer to Gates and other heads of big tech firms.

    • Amen!!! You hit the nail on the head. We the people can’t let this happen. Let’s stand up and fight for a change if it happens. We will know that it has been stolen from President Trump. Let’s do something that hasn’t been done in awhile. Let’s fight back in a very very big way!!!

  • I never liked DeNasty or any of his movies. He is was and will always be a no talent hack whose claim to fame has always been his portrayal of a mentally ill psychotic (a role made specifically for his psychotic personality) inTaxi Driver and his body transformation in Raging Bull. With the tenor of his past and recent comments as degrading, violence promoting and outright disgusting directed toward President Trump I sincerely hope that the DOJ is investigating him and keeping a close eye on him. If memory serves me he was implicated in either European sex slavery or an investment scam in Europe. He’s the scum of the earth. For as much overt hatred he espouses there has got to be something in his and DJT’s past that has spawned this hatred.

  • Well, “sir”, President Trump is being CHEATED out of his presidency. All useful idiots will eventually find out what the socialists/communists do with useful idiots!

  • I loved Robert Di Nero movies as I was growing up. I had over 75 of his movies. Had!!! I shreaded every single one of them. I regret spending money on his movies. I refuse to watch any of his movies. He really disappointed me to the point where I placed him in the category of Jane Fonda. As a veteran you know what I mean. It’s too late for little Robert to grow up. And if he’s broke that’s his own doing. Maybe he should just shut the hell up… He is disgusting and truly is a model democrap. This is a polite comment… You really don’t want to hear the real profanic comment I had written about this jerk. GO TRUMP!!!!!