Opinion| The media keeps implying over and over again that there is no such thing as voter fraud.  On it’s face this is demonstrably false. The real question is how prevalent is the fraud?  I do not pretend to know the answer, but it is an important one, one that impacts the very process that the Democrats love to say they are defending … ‘democracy.’

President Trump & his team have suggested that the problem is pervasive and even gone so far as to indicate that they can prove election fraud.  Again, I am not saying that Trump’s team can prove it, I am just repeating what Sidney Powell, one of the most respected attorneys on the right is saying on Fox Business.

Now, in California, according to Fox News 2 people have been hit with ‘charges including conspiracy to commit voter fraud, voter fraud, procuring and offering a false or forged instrument and interference with a prompt transfer of a completed affidavit. Montenegro could face up to 15 years in prison, and Arevalo could face up to seven if convicted.’

The two men, Montenegro and Arvelo are from Los Angeles and were picked up on accusations that they attempted to submit 8,000 for voters who were dead or nonexistent.

Fox News explained: Hawthorne, California, mayoral candidate Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Montenegro, 53, and Marcos Raul Arevalo, 34, planned the effort in an attempt to help Montenegro win his bid for mayor, Los Angeles District attorney announced Tuesday.

The county is accusing Montenegro of submitting more than 8,000 fraudulent ballot applications on behalf of “fictitious, nonexistent or deceased” voters between July 1 and Oct. 15 of this year, according to a felony complaint.

“What this does is it illustrates that election officials here as well as across the country take these issues very seriously. This was 8,000 registrations in a jurisdiction that has 5.8 million voters,” Dean Logan, the county’s top election official, told the Los Angeles Times.’

‘Luckily, it is being reported that none of the illegal ballots were counted in the election, which is great news.

Montenegro falsified names, addresses and signatures on nomination papers, according to the attorney general’s office. The attorney general’s office had no comment on the case,’ Fox News added.

Again, we are not claiming that we know how pervasive or successful voter fraud is, all we are saying is that it exists.  When there are millions, billions and now, on a federal level, trillions of dollars at stake, people are willing to engage in fraud to get their hands on those funds and the power that comes with the offices that are at stake.

Mark Sidney

Mark Sidney is a father, husband and advocate for a return to Constitutional governance. He now lives with his family in the South after fleeing the People's Republic of New Jersey.

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