[Opinion] Now that Trump has given his blessing to the GSA to go ahead with the initial transfer of power protocols, one would think that that means that team Trump was giving up on proving his claims about irregularities in the voting process.

If you thought this, apparently you are wrong.  While we do not know what took place and what didn’t famous attorney, Lin Wood, seems to be pressing harder on the gas rather than slowing up.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have both been promising big things would be happening in Georgia very soon. It looks like Lin Wood has dropped his first bobmshell tonight.

100 Percent Fed Up – In a surprise, late-night tweet, Attorney Lin Wood, who’s been warning Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) and GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger that he’s coming after them and that he’s got the goods, laid down the gauntlet. In his first tweet in a series of tweets, Wood tweeted:

Would someone ask my never-to-be friend Brad Raffensperger @GaSecofState if he has seen this tape of election fraud at State Farm Arena in Fulton Co., GA?

Several people have seen it. Many more will see it soon.

Video camera eye does not lie.

How do you spell Election Fraud?

Wood included two images of a subpoena for Atlanta Hawks VP Scott Wilkinson from the US District Court with GA Secretary of State Raffensperger listed as the Defendant.

The subpoena demands and surveillance tapes, documents, information or objects, permission to inspect the premises a suite in the State Farm Arena. The subpoena includes recordings of elevators and loading docks and loading dock entrances. The subpoena also asks for any work orders or permits related to a water break in the Hawks arena.

“In time, people are going to prison in Georgia,” Lin Wood warned in his next tweet, adding, “Every lie will be revealed” 

He ended with #FightBack for TRUTH

Wood ended his series of tweets with a Crooked Hillary and Brad Raffensperger joke (?):

Hillary & Brad Raffensperger @GaSecofState overheard at Atlanta cafe tonight:

Brad: Does Bleachbit work on videotapes?

Hillary: Not as well as a hammer.

Brad: Any other way to destroy evidence?

Hillary: If I had been in Nixon’s shoes, I would have burned the tapes.



If there are multiple videos of fraud this would be a big deal.  Even if it were not enough to change the current issued result of the election, we must reform the process so that the American people can be confident in our elections and the counting of our votes.  Justice be done, may the heavens fall.

Mark Sidney

Mark Sidney is a father, husband and advocate for a return to Constitutional governance. He now lives with his family in the South after fleeing the People's Republic of New Jersey.

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  • Stop parroting the words of a MSM that you supposedly enjoy demonizing and starting posting the truth. We all know Trump did not give the GSA to transfer power to your hero, “Creepy Joe.” So, knock it off!

  • Don’t ask for them take them, otherwise you will end up with nothing. Didn’t they wipe the phones, what are you thinking, you should have already collected these things. This is a cuep d-etat and your playing games you can’t win playing by these rules. Learn from all mistakes don’t repeat them.

  • Oh joy!.Many of us this side of the pond are so very eager to see the whole truth coming out.President Trump may not be our President but it has an effect on our lives that he is .We are rooting for you Sir and it it is with much love and respect..I might be just a little bit older than you and I have very little money to live on but I have prayers in abundance for you and your presidency and your family. . X

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