UnfortunetelyIt is now obvious that the Democrats have ever intention of ‘radically transforming America’ into a technocratic, CCP style hellscape.

Soon you will have a vaccine passport, a social credit score, no guns, government housing and a food allowance.

If you speak out against the regime, you will lose you right to exist.  I know you think this sounds crazy now, but think about what people said of Alex Jones’ warnings 10 years ago, and then look where we are today.

Newsmax reported:

Texas sued the U.S. government for ordering a halt to most deportations of undocumented immigrants, the first major lawsuit challenging President Joe Biden’s policies just two days into his term and a likely sign of what’s to come from other Republican-led states.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton claims the directive from the Department of Homeland Security violated federal law by failing to seek input from the state. Paxton also accused the administration of failing to enforce immigration laws and granting a “blanket amnesty.”

“On its first day in office, the Biden Administration cast aside congressionally enacted immigration laws and suspended the removal of illegal aliens whose removal is compelled by those very laws,” Paxton said in the complaint, filed Friday in federal court in Victoria, Texas. “In doing so, it ignored basic constitutional principles and violated its written pledge to work cooperatively with the State of Texas to address shared immigration enforcement concerns.”

The suit highlights the clash between Biden’s pledge to reverse the efforts of Donald Trump’s former administration to clamp down on people in the U.S. illegally and Republicans who want to continue those policies. Biden plans to eventually offer a path to citizenship to the almost 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S., which will likely trigger additional litigation.


“The Constitution, controlling statutes, and prior Executive pledges prevent a seismic change to this country’s immigration laws merely by memorandum,” Paxton said in the suit.’

All the communists have to do is flood Texas with as many illegals as they can with the promises of ‘free stuff’ as long as they vote for the Democrats and it’s curtains for the United States as a sovereign state.

Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before the United States, as we knew it, once based on the pride of a rugged individualism is a thing of the past and the mass culling of human rights, and ultimately humanity is likely next.

Mark Sidney

Mark Sidney is a father, husband and advocate for a return to Constitutional governance. He now lives with his family in the South after fleeing the People's Republic of New Jersey.

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  • Why can’t we get a governor like this in CA ?? CA wake up and get a good Republican in as governor. There are some Republicans that are are not real Republicans but there are a lot of good ones thank goodness as well.

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