UPDATE: Robert Caron was just Indicted for Securities Fraud in the 1st Degree & Aggregate Theft.

Despite what he claims, he is misrepresenting himself as having a background in military intelligence:

This is not his first time either:

According to the Texas State Securities Board:

‘On September 29, 2003, a Harris County, Texas, jury convicted Robert G. Caron, 44, of Securities Fraud. He was sentenced by the Honorable Carol Davies to five years in prison and a $10,000.00 fine (Cause Number 0959702). Mr. Caron, the president of Starcom Telecom, Inc., had been indicted for failing to disclose material facts to investors, including the following: the forfeiture of Starcom’s corporate privileges; Mr. Caron had lost substantial investor funds in a previous telecom company; Mr. Caron was being sued for investment fraud by previous Starcom investors; Starcom had defaulted on debts and previous Starcom investor funds had been diverted for Mr. Caron’s personal use. The case was tried by Harry Lawrence and Markay Stroud of the Consumer Fraud Division of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.’

Robert Caron AKA Robert G. Caron

After personally dealing with Mr. Caron, I suggest anyone doing their due diligence on the man contact the Harris County Texas District Attorney’s consumer fraud office.

Ann Vandersteel, Robert Caron, Josh Macias

Kevin Shipp has disavowed Robert Caron many times.

Before being deplatformed from Twitter, Bill Mitchel had disavowed Robert Caron as well.

You can read more about Robert Guilford Caron and his know associates here.

Before you do any ‘business’ deals with Robert Caron, I highly suggest you call the Harris County Texas District Attorney’s consumer fraud division and scour the internet for information about his and his past.  Also, be SURE to call any and all phone numbers he gives you as references.  Let my mistake save you from making one.

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