If we do not put a stop to this sooner, rather than later, things may very well pass the point of no return. Instead of me telling you what I think happened, here is what the website for the District Attorney of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties reported:


(Golden, CO — August 27, 2020)  Sentencing was held on August 26, 2020 for three of four men convicted of throwing a chlorine bomb at an Arvada Police officer as he attempted to clear a road hazard. The hazard was built by the defendants to create a stationary target for their bombs.

On April 7, 2019 at 10:00 p.m., Arvada police received a call from a citizen regarding a road hazard at 72nd and Beech Street. The Officer arrived to find that street signs had been pulled out of ground and stacked in middle of the road, then plastic wrap had been strung across the road. The Officer and the citizen began to attempt to clear the road barricade when a plastic bottle was thrown and landed near the Officer. He overheard someone yell obscenities at him. When the bottle hit the ground it began releasing heavy chlorine gas. The Officer began coughing, became nauseous, lost consciousness, and fell to the ground. Other officers and paramedics arrived and the Officer was transported to the hospital.

They detonated at least seven additional incendiary devices in the area.

Arvada Police officers addressed the judge at the sentencing hearing, describing the impact this had on the officer, the entire department, and the community. During the immediate search for the offenders, a Code Red was issued for a one-mile radius in Arvada. 

The officer suffered serious pulmonary damage and spent months going to medical appointments and missing work and continues to suffer the effects of the chlorine gas.  

“These men set up an ambush for police. When the first Arvada officer arrived to clear away the road hazard, he was a fixed target for their toxic chemical bombs,” said DA Pete Weir, “These young men purchased the chemicals and plastic bottles at Walmart, mixed the bombs and then set up their targets for ambush. The impact on the law enforcement community has been enormous.”

Gavin Beret Dawson, DOB: 10/5/99, was sentenced to probation for two years, with 60 days in the jail’s Alternative Sentencing Program, which includes jail work release and in-home detention. He pled guilty on May 18, 2020 to Attempted Second Degree Assault of a Peace Officer – Toxic Caustic Device (F5).

Maxwell Cade McCann, DOB: 4/14/00, was sentenced to probation for two years, with 60 days in the jail’s Alternative Sentencing Program, which includes jail work release and in-home detention.

He pled guilty on May 18, 2020 to Attempted Second Degree Assault of a Peace Officer – Toxic Caustic Device (F5).

Braiden John Ulmer, DOB: 3/6/00, was sentenced to probation for two years, with 30 days in the jail’s Alternative Sentencing Program, which includes jail work release and in-home detention.

He pled guilty on May 18, 2020 to Attempted Second Degree Assault of a Peace Officer – Toxic Caustic Device (F5). 

Isaac Carl Koch, DOB: 3/28/00, pled guilty on December 9, 2019 to Conspiracy to Possess and Explosive/Incendiary Device (F5) and was granted a two-year deferred judgement and sentence.’

Where are these kid’s parents?  So young and they throw their lives away, its a damn shame.  It makes me wonder what they hell they are teaching kids in school these days …

Mark Sidney

Mark Sidney is a father, husband and advocate for a return to Constitutional governance. He now lives with his family in the South after fleeing the People's Republic of New Jersey.

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  • These 4 are not men. They are cowards! They tried to kill this police officer! Why are they not charged with attempted murder? Why were they given such light sentences?
    These four cowards committed actS if terrorism And deserve life in quantanimo bay military prison! They also need to “pressed”
    For information as to why they did what they did!
    Who ever the judge was in this case has failed in his duties and is complicit in future crimes these cretins will commit!

    • So what did you people expect? Did ya’ll think they were gonna get stiff prison sentences for attempting to murder police officers in the leftist & most liberal democrat state in the midwest, hahaha! I knew and a lot of others knew that the liberal Colorado courts were gonna just gonna slap these poor unfortunate, sophisticated and intelligent “bomb-makers” on their hands (gently) so they can and will be able to return to the “crazy train crew” for more fun and violence! TOO BAD they aren’t up on Federal charges or they WOULD now be experiencing 1st time horrific hemorrhoids, and, would be so deserving.

  • It really does just AMAZE me when these kinds of PUNK-THUGS are reported in the news and are called ‘MEN’ (or, if female, ‘WOMEN’)!!! It IS an INSULT to those of us who ARE MEN AND WOMEN!!!!! Just because you are male and of a certain age does NOT make you a MAN (same goes for females)!!!!!!!!

    This is JUST as INFURIATING as calling RIOTERS ‘protesters’/RIOTS ‘protests’!!! We need to think of a new word to call the writers of these stories beside ‘JOURNALISTS’, because they are NOT! STOP calling these PUNKS ‘MEN’/’WOMEN’! (same goes for RIOTERS/RIOTS and calling them PROTESTERS/PROTESTS!!)

  • Throw their lives away, don’t know what they mean by that as the officer is the one who will never recover from this. They should have gotten prison sentence’s not no damn probation. We wonder why there is so much criminal activity, this is a perfect example as there is little penalty for criminals today.

  • 4 bullets would cure the stupidity and mental illness these “thugs” have.
    Either that or put them in a room, toss a chlorine bomb in and lock the door.

    Either way, we need to STOP being soft on these SOBs and take them permanently out of the human race. People like this will not change, be rehabbed or stop, no matter what.

  • Probation? Seriously? For using deadly force against a police officer and an innocent bystander? Goodbye civilization in California.

  • These sentences sound less severe than “sit of the steps for five minutes and don’t cry” sound to a six year old.
    Intentionally setting such a trap for a police officer is equal to an attempted murder crime.

  • when are authorities going to stop slap the hands of these punks that try to kill police officers and give them sentences that fit crime and let then spend a could of years in prison. The judge that this is, has to be liberal democratic but none the rest a disgrace for not doing the write thing.

  • These are not punishment enough. They need hard time in the big house with a couple of goons for cell mates to make these idiots their girl friends. Five years of tough prison treatment and that would give them the penalty they deserve for assaulting police officers, and while your at it, lock the damn parents up as well for cruelty to minors and parental neglect.

  • I wonder what the judges action/decision will be when one of his loved ones get assaulted or more directly have a chlorine bomb thrown at them. These judges need to be held accountable for decisions they make. At least these judges have weeks to derive for a conclusion unlike like cops who have to make a life or death decisions in a blink of an eye and every liberal POS comes running. They have no clue what goes thru a LEO mind in that slit second. WE NEED ACCOUNTABILITY FOR JUDGES, PROSECUTORS AND ATTORNEY GENERALS. I will pray that this Arvada Police Officer makes a full recovery

  • I blame 50% this on the education system and radical leftist teachers…..and the other 50% on bias leftist propaganda from the media.

  • The sentences were not severe enough! These scum should pay dearly for what they’ve done to the police, community and civil order!

  • I can guarantee if these four had been black, they would have been given 20 years inside with no probation. Yeah, these four are BLM alright. Right. Blacks are once again being used by the wealthy elite system who hands out favors to those who are useful, and uses those who are not. Justice and fairness doesn’t exist in the Democrat Party, only what benefits those working the system for their own benefit. Just like Pelosi. When November 3rd rolls around voters are going to remember who held up 2nd stimulus checks Trump wants to give out to the American people. She doesn’t care about suffering families, only that she wants to hurt Trump. Her middle name is “Let them eat Cake”. That’s how much she cares about you. Wealthy elitist who’s probably never worked a real job in her life. Sitting in a cushy chair, making deals all day long with her deep pocket donors, who can’t complete their coup until they take away guns and police. Those are the two things that keep foreign police out of America. Do you think it’s the NRA shooting and killing people every day? Do you think it’s people who register their guns? No. It’s these type of criminals who are given guns and told to go out and kill so that Americans, not knowing the truth, will think it’s the Second Amendment of the Constitution that’s causing the killings. The Second Amendment was passed by Congress September 25, 1789. Ratified December 15, 1791, yet no mass killings occurred until now? Same donors paying Congress are paying these criminals. President Trump is one of us. He works hard every day, for us. Nancy sits up in her walled high tower and smirks down with disgust at the American people. To her we’re nothing more than plebeians and vermin. She doesn’t know what it means to serve Americans. Only to use Americans.

  • WTF! Two years probation for their felonious crimes!? People have spent years in prison for marijuana offenses & other crimes which pale in comparison. The Black Robe who handed down these slap on the wrist sentences should be removed from the bench, lose his/her law license, & jailed for obstruction of justice! These frigging far left liberal judges are not part of the problem, but the problem!

  • Chlorine can cause death quickly. This was attempted murder, and they get probation?……no wonder lawlessness rules the night in this country!

  • Pretty pathetic “sentencing”, drunk drivers get more time in jail. Officer gets to live the rest of his life with serious respiratory issues and these maggots get probation.

  • The sentences for these punks is a disgrace!!! Attempted to injure or murder a police officer and they get minimal jail sentences and probation??? WTH are these prosecutors and judges thinking???
    No freeking wonder young morons think they can get away with anything. You people in Colorado better do a helluva lot better job of who you’re electing or when u call the cops when the punks are after your family, there will be NO COPS TO CALL! Wake Up!!!!!