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AYFKM? GOP Senator Roy Blunt: There Aren’t Enough Votes to Dismiss Trump’s Articles of Impeachment

Mark Sidney

AYFKM? GOP Senator Roy Blunt: There Aren’t Enough Votes to Dismiss Trump’s Articles of Impeachment

Opinion| Mark Sidney|  Just when you think … err, hope, that the Republicans in the Senate are going to do the right thing, enter Senator Roy Blunt.

Roy is a Republican from Missouri.  Roy does not seem quite as optimistic about Trump’s fate in the Senate trial as we had hoped he would.

According to the Gateway Pundit:

‘Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) told reporters on Monday that the GOP caucus does not have 51 votes to dismiss the articles of impeachment.

It would take 51 votes in the Senate to dismiss the articles of impeachment.

Currently there are 53 Republican Senators and 47 Democrats, including 2 Independents who caucus with Democrats.’

Sooooo, quick math tells us that, that means there are at least 3 Republican, United States Senators who refuse to dismiss the charges against President Trump.

The Hill reported:

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) told reporters on Monday that the Senate Republican caucus doesn’t have the votes to dismiss the articles of impeachment against President Trump, who endorsed an “outright dismissal” over the weekend.

“I think our members generally are not interested in a motion to dismiss. … Certainly there aren’t 51 votes for a motion to dismiss,” Blunt, the No. 4 Senate Republican, told reporters after a closed-door leadership meeting.

TGWP’s Cristina Laila went on:  ‘Although President Trump has expressed he wants to call in witnesses such as **** ********** (the whistleblower), Pelosi, the Bidens and Schiff, he floated the prospect of dismissing the articles as to not give credence to the sham impeachment.’

However, Trump Tweeted out Sunday that: “Many believe that by the Senate giving credence to a trial based on the no evidence, no crime, read the transcripts, ‘no pressure’ Impeachment Hoax, rather than an outright dismissal, it gives the partisan Democrat Witch Hunt credibility that it otherwise does not have. I agree!”

We suspect that those Senators who want a trial in their chamber include, but may not be limited to, Senators Susan Collins (ME) and Rob Portman (OH) who have already stated that they will most likely NOT support a motion to dismiss, suggesting that they want to hear both sides or the story and listen to testimony from everyone before making a decision.

Then let us not forget Mr. mm jeans, aka, Obama’s fall guy, aka, Mitt Romney, who you can bet your ass will do whatever his never Trump benefactors tell him to do.

Perhaps the GOP is gearing up for what I would like to see … a long trial in the Senate, which airs all the crimes of the ‘Demoncrats’ out to dry, in front of the nation.

While I think this is the best course of action, I do not think there are enough GOP Senators with the balls, or lack of ‘kopmprmat’ on them, to take this course of action.

We should remember that it does not take a simple majority, as it does in the House for Impeachment, removing Trump would require 67 votes in the Senate.

That is not going to happen.

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Father, Husband, Son. Mark is just a regular guy from a blue color family who writes opinion articles. Sidney, a victim of ideological based social media censorship, knows first hand just how dangerous Silicon Valley's unchecked power over who gets to speak, and be heard, on the internet is and prays daily that the 1st Amendment will once again reign supreme. To this end he has co-founded, a social media site where the 1st Amendment is the Community Standard. Mark has Economics & Political Science degrees from Rutgers University.

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