UPDATED: Opinion| Mark Sidney|  I think we all knew that it was only a matter of time before we saw a headline like this break across the wires.

Before we get into the details of what we believe to be true as of now, let’s revisit the recent Tweet from Iran’s favorite Congresswoman (my words & Alan Bender’s sworn testimony, not Iran’s), Ilhan Omar:

Ms. Omar also let us see a window into her character recently when she was seen laughing, cracking, what appear to be jokes, and giggling behind Shelia Jackson Lee, while the Democrat Congresswoman discusses dead US soldiers:

Now, fast forward to today.  The local NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach is reporting that:

‘Palm Beach police are investigating after they say a man believed to be an Iranian national was found with several knives on the Flagler Memorial Bridge on Friday.

Police said the man had no known address and was detained by officers.

In addition to the knives, police said the man had an undisclosed amount of U.S. currency on him.’

The bridge on which the suspected Iranian national was arrested is a mere 3.6 miles from Mar-A-Lago, according to Bing.com.

There was not much more that is known at the moment other than that the police have told the press that this is an open investigation and they are actively investigating.

I sure hope that Iran was not so dumb as to poke the bear, or that those DS bad actors, are not causing these events to occur.

For now, I take solace in what Congresswoman Matt Gaetz said that President Trump told him:

“I spoke to the president today.” Rep. Matt Gaetz, (R-FL) told Truck on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” yesterday, “The president told me he is more antiwar than I am, and I love the president for that. The thing is, I think a few of the advisers of the president are trying to slow-walk the administration into war. When the president relies on his instincts and we have the Trump doctrine, we kill the terrorist and we come home.”

No one wants war with the Iranian people, but we can not allow their tyranical regime to terrorize our citizens.

I am confident that President Trump will find a solution that accomplishes both goals, as long as that option remains possible.

UPDATE: The Daytona Daily News reported:

A man identified as an Iranian national was arrested Friday in Florida, not far from President Donald Trump’s resort in Palm Beach, after he was found with knives, a pickax, a machete and $22,000 in cash, authorities said.

The man, identified by his passport as Masoud Yareilzoleh, had no known address, WPTV reported. Town of Palm Beach police spokesman Michael Ogrodnick said Yareilzoleh’s identification showed he was in the United States legally, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

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