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The Gateway Pundit comes though, yet again.

Last night when I was lying in bed I came across this ‘guest post’ by the famous, Larry C Johnson.  In the off chance that you are not familiar with Mr. Johnson, Overt-History.Wikia.Org described him as:

Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department‘s Office of Counterterrorism.  He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.[1] He has worked as a private consultant on issues of international terrorism and security for the U.S. Government and private companies. Johnson has appeared as a consultant and commentator in many major newspapers and news programs.[2]

I can talk about how I think the DS is now on the run, and how the S is about to hit the proverbial fan, until I am blue in the face, but when you hear these same things coming from someone with the background of Mr. Johnson, it lends a lot more credibility to these theories.

I am not going to republish the entire article, and I will give you the link to The Gateway Pundit, where the article was first published, at the end of these excerpts and commentary.

Larry C. Johnson begins the piece by confirming that the three events that occurred on Thursday night, were in no way coincidental, in his view. He then goes on to enumerate those events:

1. The investigation of the roots of the plot to destroy Donald Trump and his Presidency is now a criminal matter

2. A letter from Inspector General Horowitz announcing that his report on the FISA fraud would be out shortly with no major redactions.

3. The Government caved to Honey Badger Sidney Powell and allowed her to fully expose criminal conduct by Michael Flynn’s prosecutors.” (Emphasis mine)

He explains that Barr has been working behind the scenes, in a ‘low key,’ yet “powerful” way, using the power President Trump entrusted him with to declassify info from the intelligence community, including the NSA and CIA.

If my understanding is correct, the NSA likely has EVERYTHING.  One of my personal heroes, William Binney, who I like to call the “original Snowden”, blew the whistle on this many moons ago.

Wikipedia describes Binney’s heroic whistleblowing as

“In September 2002, he, along with J. Kirk Wiebe and Edward Loomis, asked the U.S. Defense Department Inspector General (DoD IG) to investigate the NSA for allegedly wasting “millions and millions of dollars” on Trailblazer, a system intended to analyze mass collection of data carried on communications networks such as the Internet. Binney had been one of the inventors of an alternative system, ThinThread, which was shelved when Trailblazer was chosen instead. Binney has also been publicly critical of the NSA for spying on U.S. citizens, saying of its expanded surveillance after the September 11, 2001 attacks that “it’s better than anything that the KGB, the Stasi, or the Gestapo and SS ever had”[13] as well as noting Trailblazer’s ineffectiveness and unjustified high cost compared to the far less intrusive ThinThread.[14] He was furious that the NSA hadn’t uncovered the 9/11 plot and stated that intercepts it had collected but not analyzed likely would have garnered timely attention with his leaner more focused system.[9]

Knowing this, it is not a huge leap to think that the NSA has all the evidence needed to go back and uncover what exactly happened leading up to, and following, Trump’s election in 2016.  Any efforts to communicate about, what we believe to be the nefarious actions of the Obama intel community should be well documented within the NSA, via their data collection.

In addition, because we believe that Brennan was likely the ‘architect,’ or point man, on the plot to sabotage Trump’s election and hand the Presidency to HRC, the CIA likely has some evidence that could help prove this, as Brennan was Obama’s CIA Chief.

Johnson continues:

“The announcement that this is now a criminal investigation means that anyone, including FBI agents and CIA officers, who try to hold back information or hide information will be vulnerable to obstruction of justice charges. Criminal penalties attach.”

Faced with possible charges of obstruction, FBI Director Christopher Wray and his sycophants last night folded like a cheap tent in a hurricane in terms of blocking release of the Inspector General report on FISA abuses. They also withdrew the FBI objections to the Exhibits that Sidney Powell had attached to her brief explaining why the FBI had engaged in criminal activity against her client, General Mike Flynn.”

Johnson seems to confirm our suspicions that Mr, Wray is not on the side of the truth, but rather on the side of protecting the surveillance state and those who use it for personal gain, and, in my view, to possibly rig our elections.  We must also ask, is this the first time they have done this?  I highly doubt it is.

Johnson goes on to discuss Durham and his powers to demand documents:

“When Durham goes to the CIA, the DIA and the NSA asking questions and demanding documents they must cooperate or face criminal charges. That is the game changer[s]. President Trump granted Bill Barr full authority to declassify any classified information. That includes anything collected by the CIA or the NSA. Neither intelligence agency can hide behind the claim that something is classified. If they try, they will face being charged with obstruction of justice.”

Read that again … That includes anything collected by the CIA or the NSA. Neither intelligence agency can hide behind the claim that something is classified. If they try, they will face being charged with obstruction of justice.”  

I know that I was a little disappointed when Trump called for declass and then walked that back, however, now I can see why he did this.  Yet again I doubted Trump and yet again he made me look like a chump.

Trump is using declass as a spear to pierce the shield of the intel community, the one phrase they love to use to keep the public in the dark on their misdeeds, and to make sure they say ‘above the law, is: “Sorry, that’s classified.”  Trump has brilliantly found a way around this and in doing so, President Trump has become the first President in decades, if not ever, to find a way to put the intelligence community back in check, and hold them accountable.

Trump was brilliant to realize that his power to declass was the only conceivable ‘check’ on the power of the IC & the DS.  The Executive has always had the power to do this, but it was not until today that we have a man with the balls, and the motivation, to do so.

People talk about Trump playing ‘4D chess,’ and I used to laugh and dismiss the idea.  However, now I am beginning to see (or get some idea of, as POTUS likely has many more moves than I can comprehend already war gamed out) just how many scenarios Trump has played out in his head, and I can begin to realize that there is a “plan’ and that Mr. Trump and his team really are masters of strategy.

Larry continued:  Bill Barr has a spine of steel and plays by the book. He does not color outside the lines. I do not think the Deep State fully understands or appreciates the depth of peril they now face. The lies and the withholding of key documents that have been common practice over the last two and a half years will come to a screeching halt.

At some point the lawyers for the media companies will wake up and realize that spreading lies on behalf of people facing criminal charges could expose them to obstruction charges as well.

That is what last night means.”

Boom!  Johnson puts the media on notice that, if they are complicit in, what I believe to be a coup attempt against our Republic, they open themselves up to criminal charges as well.   I want to be very careful here as an open and free press is ESSENTIAL to the survival of our Republic.  The fact that the ‘Operation Mockingbird‘ media has seemingly been bought and paid for by the powers that be is precisely why we are in the mess in the first place.

Let me be clear, this is a very fine line and I would urge the administration to error on the side of caution and respect for the freedom and autonomy of the press.  That being said, if there are media outlets that were made aware of this coup (<my opinion) and then went on to cooperate instead of alerting the American people or the proper authorities, they need to be brought to justice as coconsiritors as well.  I just hope the evidence is overwhelming if such events occurred, as if not it would be very easy for the dishonest members of the media to paint charges against their brethren as tyrannical.

Johnson ends his piece by talking about Brennan, and how Obama’s former CIA chief is likely in deep, deep S … and that’s not short for State.

“Take John Brennan, for example. He is on the hook for perjury. While under oath before Congress Brennan denied any knowledge of the Hillary-financed Christopher Steele dossier prior to December 2016. But that is not true. Look for Brennan to be taking the fifth and saying goodby to his TV gig. This is only the beginning.”

Johnson then plugs the piece that we loved at the Conservative Treehouse about General Flynn’s case, and how Sindey (nice name!) Powell has begun to turn the tables on the DS, and expose what they did to General Flynn.

I suggest you read the entire piece by Johnson over at The Gateway Pundit.  It looks like things are only going to get more interesting from here on out.  Trump is in a battle to the death with the DS and if WE do not win, the Republic will likely be lost forever.  Thank you for doing your part to restore America and the rule of law!  See you on the internet America!

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