Be warned, this article contains disturbing content of a grown man soliciting sex from a minor. 

[Opinion] Don’t look for this news in the establishment media… you won’t find it.  Now, if Matt Trowbridge had sought office under the Republican banner this would likely be national news.

Trowbridge, from North Attleborough (Mass), ran as a Democrat for state rep against Republican incumbent Betty Poirier a few years back but dropped out of the race for ‘personal reasons.’

(The Sun Chronicle) Democrat Matt Trowbridge has dropped out of the race for the Massachusetts House, leaving veteran state Rep. Betty Poirier to run for re-election unopposed.

Trowbridge said some personal issues have surfaced that would prevent him from dedicating enough time to campaigning. “Some personal matters have popped up that need my attention more than the race does,” he said.

That’s the extent of the reporting.  No followup.  No curiosity.  Compare that to the treatment Republicans get.

Whatever, could those personal reasons have been?

Well, for one thing, you can find Trowbridge on Grindr looking for young boys to have sex with.  Predator Poachers of Massachusetts has made Trowbridge their latest catch. 

Trowbridge has taken down his profile, but nothing is ever really  erased from the internet…

Thanks to Turtleboy Sports we have screenshots of Trowbridge’s text messages with a person who he believed to be a 14-year-old boy.  

Their dialogue leaves little doubt that Trowbridge was convinced he was attempting to hookup with a minor male.

Trowbridge left little doubt as to what he expected from the 14-year-old…

Trowbridge dropped out of the race for state representative in 2010.  Ten years later we are forced to ask… How many other boys had their lives destroyed by this monster?

Here is the video of the would be sex offender being confronted:

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