Everything the Democrat sycophant narrative engineers report appears to be intended to stoke the anger boiling inside 71 million Trump voters.

Keep this in mind… the media doesn’t name the president.  Remember, the media tried this before…

The narrative engineers tell us that Joe Biden, who couldn’t draw more than a few dozen people on the campaign trail, garnered the most votes in the history of presidential elections.

And, we’re supposed to believe that large, unpaid crowds are now gathering to celebrate for the election of that man.  

Now putting their network’s thumb in the collective eyes of tens of millions of Trump supporters, and as predicted, CNN has dropped the COVID risk ruse to further insult Trump loyalists…

(Fox News) In the weeks leading up to the election, CNN repeatedly condemned the Trump White House for holding various events in apparent defiance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) pandemic guidance. Those events, including ceremonies to mark the nomination and confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, were billed by the network as “potential superspreader” events.

But, all of a sudden COVID isn’t a concern for CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Oliver Darcy, Anderson Cooper and Kaitlin Collins…

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, a rare straight shooter called them out: 

“How the media shifted so abruptly from ‘anyone going to a spacious beach is a super-spreading monster killing Grandma’ to ‘these mass, densely populated protests with people screaming on top of each other are so inspiring’ was one of 2020’s most credibility-destroying media acts.” 

All of this was previously predicted… that COVID-19 would cease being a death sentence on November 4th.

Here’s another prediction; Gloating over the premature declarations of the media celebrating a stolen election, a media that has no official role in determining the outcome of elections, a media that has spent four years denigrating Trump and his followers, is not going to end well…

(The Conservative Treehouse) … this is a must read for patriots… I’m not sure where this is all going to end… and I don’t quite have the words.. However, there are parts of this current election scenario that do not portend well.

Specifically because it is demonstrably evident the election results were manipulated; and specifically because the denial of that evidence requires convincing our nation to ignore their common sense; this is not going to end well… Our nation stands on the brink…

Lawrence David

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