ICYMI| Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made it clear that if she has her way a list of the Dem’s political opposition… aka Trump supporters… will be compiled, I can only assume this would be for future targeting…

Here are links to the actual tweets… For as long as they remain up…


The tone and wording of her tweets… “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity…” should scare the bejeezus out of every American who still believes we live in a land where we’re free to express ourselves.  

That’s especially true when you realize the number of retweets and the amount of love she received for those tweets.  Remember, Biden apparently put Ocasio-Cortez on a policy board with Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi provided her wide berth in Congress.

Historically, the elimination of political opposition is a consistent approach by far-leftists who prefer to use ostracization, internment and ultimately extermination to avoid any further impediments upon their quest for ultimate control. – Sundance

Who the heck are these people?  

One is Michael Simon, former President Obama’s data-assembly lead who responded to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez to let her know the “accountability’ project was already well underway…

From The Trump Accountability Project website:

There’s nothing to laugh about here.  Regardless of what the courts determine to be legitimate votes, tens of millions of your fellow Americans voted for this totalitarianism.

And, they’ve been calling us the Nazi’s for the past four years…

UPDATE: The Trump Accountably Project Has Folded. 

Lawrence David

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  • Aoc you are an idiot and you can put my name on the top of your list you are obnoxious and don’t know anything about foreign policy economics

    • AOC is living proof that Joseph McCarthy MISSED quite a few Socialist Communist Like Bama’s Family and Clintons, Biden and the Military Complex, that Eisenhower warned us about, you know the ones that had Kennedy Murdered. Kennedy wanted to open up the Operation Paperclip, where the military brought all the Madmen Nazis over here that did all the blood thirsty experiments that they did on men, women and children, and had their name changes from German to help them hide. So they could experiment on our own soldiers. There were a lot of crooked corrupt Traitors in our government and still is.
      Semper Fi.

  • This is still a free country and will be as long as the Senate doesn’t hand it to the left. So make your lists and give them to your secret police. You can mail me a copy as l am out of toilet paper you delusional communist idiot.

  • JC AOC, are we in china or russia…your idea is really outlandlish, just like you are..you are a disgrace to our great Nation

  • I hope that the secret service investigates this Sandy Ocasio because I voted for Trump and I feel threatened And how you vote in the U.S. is nobody’s business so it is time to investigate and prosecute

  • If President “Cornpoke” and his grinning “pony soldier” VP undermine the 7th Commandment to “win” this election, then they will owe their allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party. Wonder how the latter feel about a low-level bartender with an inactive brain cell calling the shots in Congress? Where once America was great under President Trump, its status under these idiots won’t even rise to the level of a smelly alligator farm. How soon after January 20 will the “Cornpoke” and his VP raise the Communist flag over the White “Asylum” House?

    • I believe this little twit was educated way above her capacity, she needs a lot of that HOT air bled off before she explodes.
      Semper Fi.

  • This “”Anti-American”” POS needs to be handled accordingly …. “Hug by the neck until dead” for “”””TREASON””” at the Highest Level ………..period!!!!!!!!!!!
    There is “”””NO PLACE”””” in this Country for a such “Low Life POS”…like this Commie!!!!!!

    Karma should prevail if the USA doesn’t!!

  • This little Ignorant Twit is letting her alligator mouth overload her humming bird ass. Be Careful what you hope fore, you better worry about the misuse of Campaign Funds, happens to be a felony.
    Semper Fi.

  • This fucking commie CUNT needs to be thrown out of Office and Thrown out of Our Country

  • Special note to AOC and all of those so-called leaders on the ‘left’:

    Do any of you know which of all the leadership essential traits combat soldiers consider the most important? Soldiers consider/demand absolute ‘candor’ as the most important trait in their leaders. Farther, candor contains two elements; co-mission and omission. It has been my observation that most of you folks on the ‘left’ are masters of both co-mission and omission! Do any of you know what combat soldiers do to those in leadership positions who are less than candid with them? At least this time if called to arms to defend my America against the ‘left’ I will know that my guns will be trained in the right direction!

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    Fellow Americans:

    My army service began Ike’s last year in office. Was trained, trained others, and led others to fight so-called communists, socialists, terrorists of many different labels, and assorted characters. Learned well before I left the army and had confirmed in only a few years into a civilian police career that those I had killed and/or jailed were of no significant threat to the American people when compared to the threat presented to each and every American from the self-serving/witless/cowards found throughout the ranks of America’s politicians, bureaucrats, academicians, and the so-called news media. Since D.J. Trump walked down that escalator I have witnessed action after action that confirms my initial threat assessment was far short of the mark. The actions of the four groups cited above have proven to me that my guns were always trained in the wrong direction. Though pushing 78 I am ready to once again pick up a weapon and stand a post. What about you?

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

  • yes accountability should be demanded and its blm,antifa,democrats and liberals that caused wide country destruction make a list keep it for the future

  • Shades of Nazi Germany 1936.
    We must work to keep the Republic our Founding Fathers left to us.
    Make your voice heard – loud and clear.
    And, by the way – Place me at the head of any of your “Lists”.

  • No suprise there. Anyone with half a brain should already know where these Dems. are heading. It is time someone gets a “handle” on them. They are bent on making this country into a Communist country where they rule. Why else all of the thousands and thousands of illegal ballots they tried to trick people with.

    Go on line and look up the number of people who have “disappeared” during the various Socialist/Communist take overs. The hatred I have sensed during this entire Trump Presidency was sending out warnings to me that the Dems will do any and everything they can to make sure they get the Presidency so they can carry out their plans. Plans to harm those who do not go along with their plans.

    When Trump is declared winner wait for it: All hell is going to break loose. If we though Portland and Seattle et al were bad, what will happen in this country will be beyond what ever happened there. Be prepared.

  • AOC is the female version of Hitler…..a rabidly dramatic orator, a single closed minded idiot, a good actress and thinks that she can dictate to all ! Hail Ms. Hitler !!!

  • AOC, may I be the first to offer my thanks to you for your grand plan to compile a list of all Trump supporters. Your list and plan to hold we Trump supporters to some sort of account has given me renewed hope that I may be able to leave this world performing as a true soldier versus the mercenary that the oligarchy has subjugated we soldiers to since the end of WWII. I do have one request of you as the Accountability Czar. Would you insure that all the hoodlums you send to get me are males at least six feet tall and 200 lbs. My father and my ranger buddies would never forgive me for taking out females or little wimps. OK, when you are all set up I will send you all my contact information and a map of my property. Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired.

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