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Developing: The Democrat Party Is About To Implode In A Glorious Display Of Blood, Sweat and Tears

Lawrence David

Developing: The Democrat Party Is About To Implode In A Glorious Display Of Blood, Sweat and Tears

OPINION| Lawrence David| It’s become impossible to dismiss the 800-pound gorilla in the room.  Joe Biden is clearly a defective candidate. And Democrats know it. Senator Cory Booker and House member Julian Castro both admitted as much during their campaigns for president.

But you have your own eyes and ears and Biden’s handlers recognize that which is why they have begun limiting his public exposure.  The calculation that was made in an effort to limit the number of soundbites the Trump campaign will be able to use against him.

(The Washington Post) As Joe Biden cradles a delegate lead through the handful of primary states that will vote Tuesday, he has unleashed a rarely used weapon in what has become a two-man battle for the Democratic presidential nomination:


Biden’s event in St. Louis, framed by the Gateway Arch, clocked in at around seven minutes Saturday. A short time later, at a windswept event in Kansas City, people were streaming for their cars after Biden wrapped up in 12 minutes.

LMAO… “rarely used weapon?  Brevity.”

There’s no wondering why, either…

The former vice president’s “crowds” are sure to diminish even further when people realize desperate Democrats have gone all in behind a man they no longer have confidence in letting speak.

Earlier today, while campaigning in Michigan an auto worker questioned candidate Biden about his promise to put Beto O’Rourke in charge of his gun confiscation program.  There’s no doubt that Biden promised this while campaigning in Texas…

Joe Biden:  I want to make something perfectly clear, I’m gonna guarantee you this is not the last you’re going to hear of this guy (Beto O’Rourke).  

Biden turned towards Beto and continued:

“You’re going to take care of the gun problem with me.  You’re going to be the one that leads this effort…”

Regardless, when the worker asks him to reconcile his statements, Biden became enraged and challenged the Fiat Chrysler plant worker telling “you’re full of shit” and pokes his finger in the man’s face.

The worker waves off Biden and tells him “this is not ok.” What Biden does in response should immediately disqualify him for president.  He offers to “take this outside”.

Seriously.  Harken back to 2016 when Donald Trump was a presidential candidate.  The Democrat-Pravda media began raising the issue whether he was too old to handle the rigors of the presidency.  He was 70 years of age at the time.

Two weeks after the 2020 election Joe Biden will turn 78.  He may not realize that, but to the rest of us it’s evident that his mental acuity will prevent him from handling the rigors of being president… or checkers.

And, that may be exactly the reason Democrats have thrown the full weight of their party behind Joe.  

Behind their support is the promise that the same corrupt anti-Trumpers who conspired to destroy Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency, and the candidates who dutifully stepped aside to clear the path for Biden before Super Tuesday, will be given positions of power to bury any further investigations/discussion of their corruption.

Not surprisingly it is being reported that former President Barack Obama took control over The Club network and played the role of puppeteer, explaining how everyone was so quickly brought to heelIt would also explain who would ultimately be running a Biden administration, and that would not be Joe Biden.

At best, Joe Biden is a long shot, a very long, long shot to even be competitive with President Trump if he can’t be left alone in public for more than 12 minutes.

So why are the party’s power brokers so eager to eliminate the competition so early in the process?  Especially to back such an obviously flawed candidate.

It may be time to consider that Democrats have become aware of the fact that the DOJ has compiled significant evidence to bring charges against Joe Biden over his dealings in Ukraine, and they’re setting him up to be removed when that news breaks.

With the field cleared… and the Democrat Party being a privately owned corporation… well… they’d be free to install the candidate of their choosing who would have been insulated from the hot lights of a presidential campaign.

And, their sycophantic followers would be thrilled to learn that Biden’s choices to fill his cabinet will be honored.

Desperate?  You bet. But, what else do they have?  No one can think Joe Biden will be able to string a coherent sentence together by the time he meets Trump in a debate.

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