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Obama’s Sec of State, John Kerry, Sides With Iran Over United States Military, Says Taking Out Terror Leader Soleimani Was ‘Tragedy’

Lawrence David

Obama’s Sec of State, John Kerry, Sides With Iran Over United States Military, Says Taking Out Terror Leader Soleimani Was ‘Tragedy’

OPINION| Lawrence David| This man was our Secretary of State, and fourth in line to the president, under President Barack Hussein Obama.  Yesterday, former SoS John Kerry showed why Manchurian President Hussein Obama put so much faith in him.

After unfreezing $150 Billion and negotiating a path towards nuclear capability just far enough down the road so that neither Obama nor his successor would be blamed for it, Kerry successfully negotiated nothing in return.  No oil. No cessation of hostilities.  


Unless, he was intent on achieving a more powerful Iran with murderous thugs, dedicated to bringing ‘death to America’, in control of nuclear weapons.  His comments yesterday only confirmed that sad conclusion.

After at least a portion of the financial bailout of $150B Kerry provided to Iran was used by Iranian General Qassem to attack American military personnel serving in Iraq – leaving many dead or maimed – President Trump decided it was time to end the terrorist mastermind’s reign of death.

This upset Ayatollah Bin Kerry who believes that, in the future, Americans will be best served by bowing to leaders of a great and powerful radical Islamic caliphate.  

That conclusion comes after considering if there was anything more he could have done to embolden Iran.

When asked about the surgical strike that eliminated Soleimani, along with an Iranian-funded proxy terrorist leader, and with no civilians being injured, Bin Kerry gave his response:

….”I think it’s a tragedy for the world that instead of diplomacy, this administration has rushed to confrontation.”..

ABK said this knowing that within only the last 45 days, Soleimani had directed at least 90 attacks against U.S. and coalition forces that finally resulted in a dead American.  

The attacks had been carried out by proxy terror organizations funded with… portions of that $150B.

One can’t help but ask whether any of that $150B was directed towards helping Democrats take control of Congress…

Nikki Haley: “You don’t see anyone standing up for Iran.  You’re not hearing any of the Gulf members, you’re not hearing China, you’re not hearing Russia…

“The only ones that are mourning the loss of Soleimani are our Democrat leadership and our Democratic presidential candidates…”

When someone shows you who they are, BELIEVE THEM.

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