ICYMI 10/14/20| Things are starting to get out of hand in this country.  Growing up I was always baffled when I saw Black Americans beating beaten, having milk poured on then or shamed for sitting at a counter or being in a ‘white area.’   When I saw videos of the Holocaust, I used to wonder, how the **** could the people of Germany let that happen in their homeland.

It is only now, after 4 years of dehumanization by the left and their hatchet men in the media that I can completely see EXACTLY how these things happened.  I hate to say this, but I 100% believe it to be true, there is a formidable contingent of the Democrat Party that wants to see all Trump supporters and Republicans dead. period. Full stop.

The Dehumanization and denial of services of and to conservatives is only heating up as time goes by.  Watching events like this makes me sick to my stomach.  How did we get here so quickly?

[Opinion & Speculation] Numerous eyewitnesses made videotapes recording their personal reaction to watching a fellow passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight be removed from a flight for lowering his face mask, allegedly to eat a snack.

So a young black man wearing a @realDonaldTrump mask, is #harassed by a @SouthwestAir employee because he’s eating on the flight. Witnesses report the man only removed the mask to eat. #MAGA#Trump2020,” Bernard Kerik posted on Twitter, Wednesday.

On the video is seen a man talking to a passenger, a Black man with a “Black voices for Trump hat” and a “Trump” facemask, instructing him that he had to leave because the Flight Crew was refusing to take off until he was removed.

The passengers around him were very confused about the removal, with one woman making a video and saying that she was a frequent flyer with South West Airlines, and wanted to know the airline’s policy about eating with masks on, which she was not aware of.

“Please tell me the policy that says we can not remove our mask to eat,” a woman said. “This is about his hat, not his mask,” she said.

“Yes, it is about his hat,” a passenger sitting near the Black man said.

The airline representative refused to answer about any policy, only speaking to the man he was trying to remove him, threatening to have him arrested if he did not deplane and cooperate.  A man sitting next to the woman who was videotaping said he would leave with the Black man, and a woman sitting one row behind said she saw the whole thing and the man had only lowered his mask to eat and had made no trouble for anyone over masks.

The whole shocking thing was captured on video.

This outrageous treatment of this man happens at the same time President Donald J. Trump is getting a large portion of the Black American voter base, and the Democrats are very upset about that.

“This morning Southwest Airlines ejects a passenger for lowering a Trump face mask to eat nuts. Does this appear to be politically motivated? #Southwest,” a supporter of Trump’s who posted the video, wrote.

Many people reacted to the video with suspicions about the removal being political revenge, and not mask policy.

A Southwest Frequent Flyer posted in reaction to the video, Jensen Sebastian said, “tomorrow never will I fly southwest again!! Its a political stunt and def unconstitutional. Sick!”

While I do not know that it is unconstitutional, it surely appears to be a politically motivated form of harassment that likely cost this man a lot of time and money to remedy.

Another frequent traveler asked,”Replying to @Grant503 and @almostjingoSince when did they have this policy? I’ve flown several times in the past few months and was able to lower my mask and eat / drink with no fuss. Same as in the terminals waiting to board…”

Meredith Baxter, a poter wrote, “You can eat when you sit in your seat. We do it all the time grabbing breakfast for my kid on the way in. This was BS. Plus the lady said he pulled it down to eat. I love the way people stood up for him I would have walked out too”

Ask yourself, is this the America you want your kids to grow up in?  I do not like socialism or Joe Biden, but never in a million years would I even consider telling someone with a Che Guevara shirt that they would be refused service.

Provided that we have the story right and the passenger did not commit an actual violation, and judging by the eyewitness accounts and how calmly the man in the mask left the plane, I am inclined to believe his story, this behavior has no place in the so called ‘land of the free.’

Kari Donovan

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  • WOW…just wow…that man needs to sue them big time…it was political period…this is outrageous and the airline must be held accountable

    • Don’t bail out the airlines if they can let people fly and eat on the plane without having fear of not going where they had planned.

    • I agree. This is outrageous and Southwest should have to compensate this man for a year or two of free travel for allowing their personnel to dictate what they wear on their airlines. I am shocked. Such small minded people who think they have a right to tell others what they can do. This entire crew should all be fired simply because they are stupid, rude and liberal. Disgusting. 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • This is ridiculous Southwest. I can’t believe it. How could you eat with a mask over your face. Undoubtedly, this was not about the mask.
    Your workers need to leave their political preferences at the door when entering the plane or the terminal. Everyone is entitled to their own choice. I will certainly keep this incident in mind when I choose my next airline to use. It won’t be Southwest Airlines.

    • and I’m right there with ya. If I was on the fence before, this has me tumbling right to where they don’t want us. MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!


    • I agree. These are pathetic people who do not deserve to have their jobs. This man can wear whatever hat he wishes. It is not about the eating…it is about the Trump hat. Small minded and pathetic liberals should all be FIRED‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • I always fly Southwest out of Orlando, but guess what, I will be rethinking my flight plans from now on. You messed up Southwest!

  • I would be very surprised if this was a policy issue. I strongly suspect it was because the flight attendants were “offended” by that man’s right to wear a hat in support of our (and their) president. I don’t believe Southwest Airlines did this but rather their employees.

  • what else is new men the left-wing liberal fools if you are on their side you don’t have a voice they want to take that away from us first amendment second amendment this is what we’re fighting against the principalities of evil with fighting pure evil on that side America we need to wake up

    • TRUMP 2020 ‼️‼️‼️‼️🎈🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • I will never…. I mean never! Will I fly Southwest Airline again. This Company is pathetic! Fly your Liberal Idiots anywhere you want to Fly Southwest. But you will not be flying me! American Airlines. A great and incredible Airline. Trust me!!!

  • Well, Southwest, you can bet your life that if I er need to fly, it would definitely not be your airline. This is disgraceful, shameful and mostly embarrassing to this gentleman. Shame, shame – bet you lose a lot of business.

  • Oh just now everyone wants to be disgusted by this type of behavior, well it’s been going on now for 60 years and it’s being done in the name of democracy. Kruschev warned us 60 years ago when Kennedy made him remove his weapons from Cuba. He told us then that they would defeat us without firing a shot and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Bit by bit, they’re whittling away our freedoms and nobody is paying attention. This is NOT the backbone of America I grew up with, half of us adorned the uniform and defended our country from communism while the rest of us sat on our thumbs and did nothing. Brainwashing has been one of their best methods of war so it’s not just the fault of the left, or the right, but from this point on it will be your fault if you don’t jump in and defend your freedoms. We were successful in the past only because we had the support of our people, if you value this country then you need to get on board and quit fighting against us. Remember their protests? Well I think now it’s our turn, if they can’t see their way to rejoin America, it’ll be time to show them how to protest. It will turn into war but we’ve been there before, and don’t forget to pray, we’ll need his help.

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