A member of Black Lives Matter was shot to death in Austin Texas after an altercation with the driver of a car who was attempting to make his way thru a crowd, the driver later told police that a mob of people was hitting his car, screaming and threatening him, and someone shot at him 5 times.

The driver, who called police to turn himself in right after the shooting, was detained and interviewed by homicide police in the Austin Police Department, told police that he was frightened for his life and returned fire.

The Austin Police Department Chief said the matter is still under investigation.

The BLM member, Garrett Foster, an Air Force Veteran and member of the Libertarian Party died at the hospital from his gunshot wounds.

Numerous people online pointed out that there were 5 rifle caliber shots and then 3 pistol shots:

One side, the protestors and the New York Times said the driver of the car shot first.

One side, including the driver and the Autin Police Department, say Foster shot first.


Garrett Foster attended the event with his AK-47 on Saturday, as he had done before, “using his rights” as he said in an interview shortly before his death.

โ€œPeople who oppose us are pussies and wonโ€™t do anything about itโ€ Foster said.

The New York Times rushed to judgment before the Austin Police briefing,ย  declaring that the motorist “threatened the protestors with his car,” which does not match the story of the driver, eyewitnesses, and the police, who are still investigating.

Libertarian activists joined BLM:


The Libertarian Party made a statement:

Foster said that he often brought his AK-47 to rallies.

Sunday evening the Austin Police Department had a press conference:

“We are heartbroken over the loss of Mr. Garret, we are currently investigating. This is 24 hours into the investigation.ย  Based on what we know as the man in the car was trying to make a turn people were striking his vehicle, Foster aimed his gun at the driver, and the driver shot back, Austin Manley, Police Chief of Austin Texas said.

“Nothing that the driver said is going to be released at this time, the video is out that there that shows details of the driver, he was detailed and interviewed by homicide detectives and was released.”


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