Is anyone really surprised the the left thought it would be a good idea to take their clothes off and make a video to gain clout online?  The only thing that surprised me is that there are not under aged kids in the videos with the way the Dems and Hollywood have embraced adults having sex with minors.

[Opinion] All of Hollywood would be a giant “in-kind” political donation if the world were fair and equal, especially with stunts like the following video made to entice viewers with naked celebrities, most of them no one knows, but they are naked and telling people to vote, and how to fill out ballots.

One poster reacted to the “Naked Ballot” video and said, “ha ha so not funny and completely unappealing. It never crossed their mind that some mentally ill person is going to walk naked to the mailbox or drive to the post office nude? Sure it has. Will they think it’s funny if little kids see this? More than likely.”


‘Naked Ballot’ Rule Could Lead To Thousands Of Pa. Votes Getting Rejected,”is what NPR wrote, showing their deep concern over losing a recent court battle, so they called in their combined Democrat/ Media alliance to get the word out about Pennyslvania.

According to NPR, “A Pennsylvania court has introduced a strict new rule for voters in what is perhaps the most important swing state in the United States. The state sends out an extra “secrecy” envelope with all its mail ballots.

And the court has now decided that if voters forget to include that envelope when they return their ballots — an error that’s being termed a “naked ballot” — their votes will be automatically void.

It’s a mistake that Mira Rabin came very close to making when she mailed in her ballot for Pennsylvania’s primary election in June.

“I read the instructions, or thought I did,” she said. “I filled it out, put it in the envelope, sealed it and then said, ‘Wait — what’s that other envelope?’ ” It was the secrecy envelope. Rabin was about to mail a naked ballot.

A new group, with a new website got together to make a Public Service Announcement about “Naked Ballots”.

“I’m Naked,” Chris Rock said.

“I’m complety butt-ass naked,”Tiffany Haddish said.

“I’m naked,” Amy Schumer said.

“I’m like naked,” Josh Grad said.

“There isn’t a man behind me, these are my hands, “Sarah Silverman said.

“Why you want me be naked,” Borat Sagdiyev said.

“I know what you are thinking, you are thinking, Ruffalo, um put your clothes on,” Mark Ruffalo said.

“To be honest I wish I could cover my boobs with my hands, but here we are,” Sarah Silverman said.

“I am here to talk to you about voting,” Chelsea Handler said.

“Did you know that Ballots could be naked?” Ryan Bathe said.

IF YOU ARE VOTING BY MAIL – the banner over Silverman’s “boobs’ reads.

“And if you don’t do exactly what I tell you your ballot could be thrown out,” Sarah Silverman said.

“This is my ballot, just got it,” Sarah Silverman’s Dad, Schleppy said.

“First of all when your ballot comes, your are supposed to read the insturctions.”Ryan Bathe said.

“Read and follow the instructions that come with your ballot,” Chris Rock said.

“And if they say to you to use a black pen, use a black pen,”Chelsea Handler said.

“I know that is like the least sexy thing a completley naked person could say but..,” Josh Grad said.

“But I have haram like can of Pepsi. That a problem? ,” Borat Sagdiyev said.

“Number Two heheh..” Sarah Silverman said.

“In some states like Pennyslvania,” Naomi Campbell said.

“Pennyslvania,”Sarah Silverman said.

“Pennyslvania,”Mark Ruffalo said.

“Pennyslvania,” Sarah Silverman said.

there are two envelopes you to stuff your ballot in, otherwise it is called a naked ballot.

Chelsea Hander jumps up to show off her naked chest.

“Naked Ballots, and you do not want one of those,” Chelsea Handler said.

and on and on and on…


MSNBC has joined in on the educational campaign and together they have all shown how they use their professional platforms and naked asses to peddle for Democrat politics.

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