If there is one lesson to be gleamed by surviving the year 2020, it is that you can no longer trust ANYTHING you see, hear, or read in the media.  I would be lying if I said that didn’t mean you should be skeptical of what we publish as well.  Not because we set out to deceive anyone, we fully admit that we are conservative and libertarians looking to convert others to our world view.

I suggest being skeptical of everyone, including us, becuase we are working off the reporting of others, all with differing agendas and perspectives.  My advice to you is this: gather all the information you can, analyze it, then come to a hypothesis.  Once you have a hypothesis, test it and take mental notes.  Realize who you think is right more often than others and vice versa.  Then try to use this information to make better decisions about who’s info you should. consume going forward.

I think a lot of people already know this and that is why Fox News is having the trouble the is alleged in this story by Kari Donovan of DJHJMedia.com:

Opinion| Kari Donavon| Fox News is seeing a massive drop in ratings for the second month in a row after their massive betrayal of the American people, and it is doubtful they will be able to compete on the left as easily as they believed they would have been able to. On Election Eve Fox News execs made the decision to drop the burden of reporting news to supporters of President Donald J. Trump by chasing them off with anti-Trump propaganda. Specifically, the news card readers on FOX did this by “calling” states for their pal Democrat Joe Biden, that should have never gone to him.

Fox News had slowly been working up to the final betrayal, by inserting Democrat propaganda, but Nov. 3rd was the final straw for at least half of Fox’s audience.

Trump called it weeks after the election:

Fox News ratings are getting really bad. ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ viewership has dropped to 12th place. ‘Hannity’ has fallen to 19th place. ‘The Ingraham Angle’ viewership has fallen to 24th place,” one ratings water posted on Twitter.

Consider this:

December’s Ratings Collapse for Fox News Weekend continues to be a nightmare. Going from record ratings before their duplicitous Arizona call to massive rating collapse by Sat-Sun 12/19-12/20.

Here are the current Fox News weekend rating losses according to Nielsen as of 12/19-12/20.

Negative means a drop in ratings.

Neville/Shawn -60%, Scott -59%,Kurtz -57%, Fox and Friends (Sun) -56%, Jeanine -55%,

Cavuto -52%, Wallace -52%, Gutfeld -50%, Fox and Friends (Sat) -47%, Bartiromo -44%, Watters -44%, Hilton -31% Levin -21%

The data comes from Show Buzz Daily.

A recent article from the Daily Wire gives some great background chatter from a former Fox News host.

Eric Bolling Says Employees At Fox News Are ‘Nervous’ About Drop-In Ratings:

According to Sinclair TV’s Eric Bolling, a former host at Fox News, staffers at his previous network is worried by the change in audience numbers in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.

Speaking at Turning Point USA’s annual Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida, Bolling explained why networks such as Newsmax and One America News Network had surged in popularity after the election on November 3rd.

“Here’s what happened guys, let’s be honest with you… on November 3rd — Fox declared Biden, the winner in Arizona. MAGA-world went ballistic; they said ‘I’m not watching Fox News,’ they switched over, and they looked, and they found Newsmax,” Bolling said.

Bolling then sparked rapturous applause among the TPUSA event attendees when he said that “Fox lost about 40% of their audience. 40%. That’s a big number.” In recent weeks, Fox has disputed such claims, pointing out that while some programs have dropped a third of their viewers since election night, they still atop the cable news ratings.  Read more are DJHJMedia.com

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  • I for one, want news that is accurate and not propaganda, not political dissertations, and filled with editorials. Just the facts, plane and simple.

    • AND the cheating Donna Brasil! She was the beginning of the end for me! I still watch Fox & Friends, they still display decent values, but nothing else during the day.

  • I am sick of Juan, Chris Wallace, Donna Brasil, Jessica Tarlow, and that blond who is now gone I think. She is the one who worshiped Obama. If I wanted their opinions I could go to MSNBC or CNN. I turned off Fox News election night and it rarely is on again. If I want Hannity I get him on the radio.

  • Fox has some good people –too bad they are going down with the never Trumpers–but all of fox should go down—I stopped watching Fox –I am retired –I would turn Fox on in morning and leave on all day—now I watch Newsmax or some other station——too many liberals on FOX —the girl on Fox and Friends sunday is horrible—-if you want the accurate news do not watch Fox news SEMPER FI

    • DO OR DIE !!Amen & thanks for your service My husband was in the Navy & attached to the Marines as a corpsman two tours in Viet Nam 31 1/2 years. God bless.

  • I was a loyal Fox News fan for years. Absent the very few left, the management has suckled the hind teet of the bomb throwing, dishonest Dems. I’m one who has STOPPED watching their channel.

  • I used to be a fan but their left wing propaganda and election bias pushed me over the edge and now I tune in to Newsmax and Epoch for my news. I like Sean, Laura, Varney and Levin, but can’t stomach the likes of Wallace, Covidu, or Brazille. I just can’t tune in anymore.

  • I dropped Fox to liberal for me dropped their app on I phone & I pad now watch News Max Or OAN. Miss Levin, Hannity, Carlson & Laura I wish they could run over to News Max

  • Fox News was on constantly in our home & vehicle until Nov. 3, 2020. NOW, We watch Greg Gutfled’s show only. Then Fox is OFF. They all became rabid conspiracy theorist with no proof except their own opinions or that of one of their Hate-mongering Democrat political hacks that were regular guest on all the shows, sometimes guest host of some of the shows. They would tell bold faced LIES, use Vulgarities toward our White House correspondents, the President, VP, their family members & even Fox News viewers. Who is the moron that thought this would be good for their ratings?

  • I flip to another site once Donna Bazil or Juan Williams start their anti Trump rants… I would watch CNN if I wanted to hear such garbage.

  • the great ones need to leave fox news and I mean RIGHT NOW!!! BOYCOTT fox news and go to alternative news sites like OAN and NewsMax

  • I hope Hannity and Tucker leave soon rather than going down the tubes with the rest of the communists.

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