Opinion| ICYMI| 3/5/20|  I know we are not here to talk about people’s looks or how attractive they are, but Rashida Talib is just begging for it.

The radical leftist Congresswoman was one of the icons of the modern day left who spoke at the rally which took place on the Supreme Court steps yesterday as the high court heard arguments in June Medical Services V. Russo.

Townhall explains the nature of the case at stake:

‘A controversial abortion case is in front of the Supreme Court Wednesday in June Medical Services LLC v. Russo. The case is related to a Louisiana law which requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges to local hospitals, in the event of an emergency. June Medical Services is a piggy-back off of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, which challenged a similar law in Texas. 

Abortion proponents oppose these laws, claiming that they pose an undue burden on women seeking abortions. The purpose of the laws is not to implement barriers to entry for abortion access, but rather to protect the lives of women seeking abortions and to ensure that medical professionals are available. 

Opposition to these laws undermines the left’s argument that abortion is a routine healthcare procedure; if abortion is, indeed, healthcare, why would these abortion advocates not want those who perform abortions to have medical credentials and hospital privileges?’

The more I read about the left’s lack of desire to compromise on even the most common sense laws surrounding abortion procedures, the more I realize this is not as much about ‘a woman’s right to choose’ as it is genocide.

It sure seems to me like these people just want to kill babies, no questions asked, whether it is safe (for the mother) or not.

Enter the always charming and pleasant, Rashida Talib, Muslim Congresswoman from Michigan’s 13th district.

I know when most of you see this picture you think ‘oh, wow, what a sex icon’ “I just want to knock her up!’

The rally had already garnered national attention after Chucky Schumer decided to threaten Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

Talib have Schumer a run for his money with her head scratching, non sensical, ‘speech’

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Grabien’s Tom Elliott posted video of Tlaib to Twitter, “[email protected] at today’s abortion rally: “Yo yo, you know what, you’re so freakin’ obsessed with what I decide to do with my body, maybe you shouldn’t even want to have sex with me!” Adds that pro-life pols are “commercializing” women’s bodies to make them “less than.”’

I mean, she does have a point … right?  How could one resits the lady in these videos:

How about this classy speech?

There are no words …

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