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CNN Explodes, Don Lemon Humiliates Himself And The Network As He Goes Into An Unhinged Rant When John Kasich Praises Trump’s Coronavirus Address


CNN Explodes, Don Lemon Humiliates Himself And The Network As He Goes Into An Unhinged Rant When John Kasich Praises Trump’s Coronavirus Address

| OPINION| CNN journalist, and we are using that term extremely loosely, Don Lemon made a complete idiot of himself again.

On Wednesday night., after President Donald Trump gave the most important address any president has given since former President George W. Bush addressed the nation after 9/11, the entire CNN network be-clowned itself.

From Jim Acosta who accused the president of xenophobia for calling coronavirus a foreign virus all the way to Lemon who lost his mind when former Ohio Gov. John Kasich said the president did a good job.

Kasich is no fan of the president. He did not attend the Republican National Convention in 2016 when he was named the Republican presidential nominee and has taken jabs at him since.

But Kasich is a leader who comprehends that when the nation is facing a serious issue politics have to take a back seat.

But Lemon apparently did not get that memo. Because he screamed at Kasich when the former governor praised the president’s speech.

“I thought he did fine,” Kaisich said as the viewers at home could see the look of disdain and bewilderment come over Lemon’s face.

“What I saw tonight is what I anticipated before he delivered the address. Mr. President, you’ve got to be serious. You’ve got to warn the country.

“We have to move forward. And just stick to the script and read what’s on there. And that’s exactly what he did,” he said.

“I don’t know if he stuck to the script or not,” the host said. “But whatever script he read was wrong, because they’ve had to clarify it several times.

“And I’ve just got to say, if the president came out to calm people’s fears, he didn’t do a good job of it because they’ve had to come back and clarify it several times!

“And this has been going on long enough for them to get it straight! We need straight, accurate information from this president and this administration. And we’re not getting it!

“And I don’t understand why you are tiptoeing around it! He came out. Gave an address. That happens very rarely. And he doesn’t get it right!?” he said.

“I don’t want to get into that,” Kasich said.

“Why not!?” Lemon shouted. “That’s why you’re here! To talk about the president’s address!”

“Can I finish now!?” Kasich yelled. “Let me talk!”

“No you can’t, John!” Lemon exclaimed. “I don’t want you to go on and deflect and talk about something else because we are here to talk about the president’s address.

“And you said that someone else wrote it. He’s the president! Even if someone else wrote it, it should be right!” he said.

“Don, he put this thing out because there was some confusion out there, okay!?” the former governor said as Lemon continued to yell.

What Lemon should have said, what would have been the truth, is “John you cannot talk unless you want to bash the president.”

It was an abhorrent display of partisanship in a time of crisis.

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