Opinion| Mark Sidney|  Any rational person who watched the way the totalitarians, err Democrats, ran the House impeachment inquiry, suspected that this whole thing was going to blow up in their faces.

President Trump has gone back and forth on the tactics his team will employ during his trial in the Senate.  At times he has suggested that he wants a trial, and other times there have been indications from his allies in the GOP that the whole trial would be dismissed quickly.

Personally, I would like to see Trump and the Senate Republicans drag this out as long as possible.  I would use the opportunity to expose all the dealings that the Democrats had in the bunker of the Capitol Building, what happened to the US aid in Ukraine, Schiff’s team’s alleged meetings with the ‘whistleblower’, every damning piece of evidence that I could possibly find.

If it were up to me, I would run this out until October and drop all your October surprises live on TV, to the whole world.

We know that those with TDS, have been accused of not being … very good … about presenting the exculpatory evidence which they poses on their targets and political foes.

However, this merely presents an opportunity for Trump to catch the bad actors in the act.  When people are as crooked, desperate, and incompetent as Schiff and Pelosi seem, they make mistakes.

Surely they left some ‘DNA’ at the scene of the crime, and certainly, if the Republicans have the desire, or perhaps, the balls to look for it, they can find it.

In Fact, President Trump’s Tweet from yesterday suggested he intended on, metaphorically, firing both barrels at the Democrat ‘leaders.’

He must be a witness, and so should she!” Trump tweeted.

I have a feeling that this Tweet is part of the reason why Schiff looked like a dear in headlights when he was asked, on live TV, if he would testify, if called in Trump’s Senate trial.

The Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila explained her theory as to why Schiff IS a fact wittness:

‘Adam Schiff is a fact witness because his staff met with the ‘whistleblower’ **** *********** before he filed the whistleblower complaint in August.

Schiff then lied about meeting with **** *********** before he filed his complaint against President Trump.

“I’m not a fact witness so other than mollifying the president, I’m not sure why the Senate would call me or Nancy Pelosi as a witness,” Schiff said.

Schiff also lied his face off and claimed that there is no evidence the Bidens broke any laws related to Ukraine and calling them in to testify would “convert the trial into a sham proceeding.”

Rich coming from the impeachment ringleader who conducted Soviet-style sham show trials in the House SCIF and denied President Trump due process.’

From all the information that we have, it looks like not a single ‘wittness’ that Schiff called to testify, actually ‘witnessed’ anything!

Terrified Adam Schiff also had the gall to say that the idea that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election was … wait for it … wait …. Russian propaganda 😂

WATCH also crap himself on live TV:

Oh Adam, have you not heard the age old refrain ‘What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.’

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