There are always 3 sides to every story: His, Hers, and the TRUTH.  While many were quick to vilify this woman for drawing her weapon, many others said they would have done the same thing.

Now we get to hear from her and find out what was going through her head at the time the incident occurred …

Opinion| Rich Welsh| The white woman we reported on last week who was arrested after pointing a gun at a black woman and her daughter throughout an argument in a Chipotle parking lot say she did it as a result of she feared for her life, according to a report Friday.

For the first time since footage of the heated confrontation surfaced, Jillian Wuestenberg spoke out about pulling her registered firearm, admitting she felt threatened after the mother and daughter team blocked her from leaving a Michigan Chipotle.

“Within moments, a second or two, I had multiple people within two feet of me and I just remember thinking, ‘I am not going home tonight,’” Jillian, 32, with tears coming down her face told 7 Action News, a local station.

“It’s scary…The more I see the video the more I realize I’m more afraid of that situation now than I was then.”

When she was asked why she felt the need to chamber a round, she said, “That meant I am about to die and I don’t want to die.”


Remember that the mother and daughter never stopped agitating the Wuestenbergs throughout the video.  Non-stop name-calling, starting with “racist” and “ignorant white people” and “dumb*ss b*tch,” etc.

The mother threatened physical assault on the pregnant Mrs. Wuestenberg, and then threatened to assault her husband as well, after he came to his wife’s aid by opening their car door, so that his pregnant wife could get inside.

The whole thing started when the daughter accuses Mrs. Wuestenberg of allegedly bumping into Takelia Hill’s 15-year-old daughter, Makayla Green, as the couple was leaving the restaurant in Lake Orion on July 1st around 6 o’clock at night.

The video doesn’t show the alleged bump, as it starts after the quarrel moved into the restaurant’s parking lot, showing  Hill and her daughter demanding an apology, with the teen calling her “racist and ignorant.”

The video then shows Wuestenberg and her husband, Eric, getting into their SUV and trying to back the vehicle out of the parking spot as the mother steps walks to the rear of the SUV to stand nearly behind it.  When the vehicle backs up, Hill acts like the Wuestenbergs tried to run her over, even though it’s fairly obvious that’s not what happened.  Hill then punches their vehicle.  At least the mother was consistent because she never stopped shouting obscenities throughout the whole ordeal.

That’s when the pregnant Wuestenberg got out of the car and confronted the two.  At that point, the mother and daughter were continuing to escalate their anger, probably because by that time they convinced themselves that the Wuestenbergs just tried to run the mother over.  That’s when pregnant mom pointed a loaded gun at the mother and daughter.

Both Wuestenbergs were charged with assault, which Hill’s lawyer, Christopher Quinn, said is much-deserved.

I think the mother escalated the entire incident by, multiple times, threatening to “beat” the “a*ses” of the two white racist “motherf*c*ers.”

“She was able to get into the vehicle,” Quinn told the station. “They were able to drive off. They didn’t choose to drive off. They actually almost hit my client with their van. And then jumped out like Bonnie and Clyde with guns pointed at them. They were going to make sure it was understood they were the ones in charge.”

Not so fast, counselor.  The Wuestenbergs had both just been berated, very publicly and very loudly, for what the daughter for allegedly accidentally bumping into her.

The mother and daughter didn’t accuse Mrs. Wuestenberg of assault, like with malice.  The daughter said she bumped into her, and was angry that she didn’t apologize.  Nobody knows if Mrs. Wuestenberg knew she bumped into anyone.  The waiting area near the door may have been so packed with people that she had to squeeze by to get out the door.  We don’t really know, but the two complainers never made it appear that the pregnant lady did anything intentionally.

So, after being screamed at, accused of doing something she didn’t believe she did, then threatened with physical violence, which is assault, and their race was brought into it, which makes the physical threats a hate crime, after being blocked from getting into her vehicle, then having their SUV punched while backing up, it would have been crazy to not get out of the vehicle.  What if they really did hit the woman?  They had to check it out.  And when they did, the two went ballistic on them.

You’ve gone to restaurants like Chipotle, and the area where you wait to be seated is near the doors to the restaurant.  Sometimes that area becomes breathing room only.  Some people are stuck in the waiting crowd by the door.  I am only assuming here, but what it sounds like happened was the Wuestenbergs were leaving the restaurant and as they were trying to get out the door, the daughter may have been standing in the way, blocking the door, so Mrs. Wuestenberg tried to scoot around her and is impossible to get by someone in a room that could be wall to wall people, she may have indeed bumped into the daughter.  Most people in the civil society would have immediately understood the pregnant lady didn’t do anything intentionally, but mother and daughter, at least by what we’ve seen go on in the video, are anything like most people in the civil society.

During the interview, Wuestenberg also said she didn’t think twice about pulling the weapon because she has experience with firearms.

“I grew up around lots of handguns, lots of rifles,” she said. “They are just an everyday part of life. It was just something that was there.”

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