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Frm Secret Service Agent Exposes Mueller & His Probe For What It Really Is: “Biggest Ripoff in American History”

Former Secret Service agent turned radio host/conservative political commentator Dan Bongino made an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends,” calling Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, the “ripoff of the century.”

The former Secret Service agent explained that American taxpayers are the ones footing the bill of this probe.

Bongino spoke about leaks from the White House to the Washington Post regarding former national security adviser Michael Flynn, explaining that Mueller’s probe hasn’t produced any concrete evidence.

Bongino said on the air, “Dave Ignatius of The Washington Post was on the receiving end of Mike Flynn’s name as part of an unmasking operation.”

He continued, “This is a felony. It’s not a misdemeanor. It’s not mattress tag ripping off. This is a felony. Where is that investigation? The answer… nobody knows. The press was intimately involved in this. And again, I still can’t figure out why Mike Flynn was interviewed in the first place.” 

Bongino stated  that the whole reason for Mueller’s investigation was to “produce crimes” rather than looking for the truth.

“This is all getting lost,” he went on. This is the one investigation that the sole purpose of the investigation is to produce crimes, not to investigate.”

He went on to accuse Mueller’s team of dishing out taxpayer dollars without producing any results.

“This is the scam of the century, this investigation,” Bongino went on.

He continued, “It reminds me of — remember the bridge to nowhere? The tax funded bridge to nowhere? This is the investigation to nowhere. It’s a taxpayer-funded disaster. They will find nothing in it. It’s a mess. It’s a train wreck.” 

“At best they came up with a campaign finance violation. That’s the best you’ve got after $20 million?” 

Toward the end of the segment, Bongino called Mueller’s probe, “the biggest ripoff in American history.”

Take a look at the segment below: 

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