OPINION| Mark Sidney|  I am beginning to see why no one would dare look into the corruption in Washington, and that of previous administrations, until Trump came along.

Just look what has happened to President Trump ever since he even began running for President and promising to expose government corruption and graft, he, and everyone who helped him get into office, have been the target of investigations, witch hunts and coups.

From our research it seems that Washington has become so corrupt, with both sides of the isle involved, that it would be nearly impossible to garner a consensus to investigate the crimes of anyone in DC, for the simple reason that nearly everyone has their hands in the cookie jar.

Because the corruption is so rampant, the only people who are being investigated with the full force and might of the USG are the very people who want to stop the systematic theft our or money, rights and national sovereignty.

While there are certainly plenty of Republicans on the take, it appears that the Democrat party has devolved into a political cartel of sorts.

It is not just the previous administration and it’s leadership either.  The rank and file House Dems appear to be dirty as the day is long as well.

In case you needed another example, Fox News is reporting:

‘Judiciary Committee were hit with ethics complaints Wednesday, connected to a slew of alleged violations related to campaign fundraising.

Nonprofit watchdog group Americans for Public Trust filed complaints with the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) against Reps. Madeleine Dean, D-Pa., Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., and Lucy McBath, D-Ga., calling for investigations of possible violations of House rules and federal law. The organization, founded by former National Republican Congressional Committee research director Caitlin Sutherland, also filed complaints against Dean and McBath with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

“All three of these members have engaged in disturbing activities that appear to us to be violations of federal law and House rules. This is especially alarming given all three sit on the prestigious House Judiciary Committee, which has direct oversight responsibilities over the U.S. Department of Justice and, by extension, the nation’s law enforcement,” said Adam Laxalt, former Nevada attorney general and outside counsel to Americans for Public Trust. “We’re calling on the Federal Election Commission and the Office of Congressional Ethics to immediately investigate these suspicious activities.”

When you take this into context you begin to see what the justice system in America is damaged beyond repair.  The people who are tasked with overseeing the administration of justice in this nation are allegedly bad actors.

Now, of course, all the accused are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, however, if these allegations pan out to be true, this would go a long way to explaining culture in DC which allowed the Obama administration was able to weaponize the DOJ, FBI and likely the CIA, NSA and many, many more agencies against a Presidential candidate.

Fox News continued:

‘The complaints against Dean claim that after she suspended her campaign for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, she used campaign funds from that race to go toward the congressional campaign she launched soon afterward. The complaints allege that this violated federal law — and by extension, House rules because campaigns for federal office must only use funds that were subject to the FEC. The complaints state that these expenditures continued after Dean was elected to Congress, and totaled more than $17,000.

The OCE complaint against Jayapal describes allegations that the Washington Democrat violated a House rule that prohibits members of Congress from soliciting campaign or political contributions that are “linked with an official action taken or to be taken by a House member.” The complaint also notes that federal law prohibits House members from requesting money or other things of value connected with performing an official duty.

The complaint points to tweets from Jayapal related to the “Medicare-for-all” bill that she sponsored, in which she referenced or linked to a C-SPAN broadcast of a House hearing related to the bill while soliciting campaign contributions to keep “momentum going” for the bill. The complaint also alleges that by doing this, Jayapal violated a House rule against using broadcast coverage of official House business for political purposes.

The complaints against McBath are connected to money her campaign received from the advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety. McBath had been employed by Everytown prior to launching her congressional campaign in March 2018, and the complaint states that she remained employed there for roughly two more months. During that time, she appeared on television as both a candidate and a spokesperson for Everytown.;’

The complaints also allege that McBath received money from Everytown for her campaign during that time, even though Everytown reported in an FEC filing that they first began contributing to McBath’s campaign on April 25, 2018.’

Did you catch that?  Right there, that is the lede, buried.  DS Oligarch, the least self aware man on the face of God’s green Earth, and mega rich Mini-Mike Bloomberg’s gun grabbing outfit ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’ is implicated in this fiasco as well.

Now, imagine fort a second if President Trump had a organization whose sought to steal away the God given rights of the American people and the org was paying Congressional candidates and lying about it on FEC forms.   The next round of impeachment would have already begun.

“However, Everytown began spending in the election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District while Representative McBath was still serving as the group’s national spokesperson,” … “It is not publicly known what level of involvement Representative McBath had in Everytown’s expenditures against her eventual general election opponent while she was still employed by Everytown.” the complaint states.

Now keep in mind that the House Judiciary Committee, which is Chaired by Nadler, was integral in the Houses’ fruitless impeachment of President Trump.   All three Democrats who have been accused voted to impeach Trump.

Starting to see a pattern here?  The Democrats much remove Trump, at all costs, in order to keep their crimes from being exposed.

Mark Siidney

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