First it was the NYP and Rudy with the hard drive, allegedly belonging to Hunt*r.  Then it was Peter Schweizer who announced he had flipped one of Hunt*r’s alleged partners in crime (who is currently in jail), and was in possession of another 26,000 emails which he claims detail more corruption in the Biden klan.

How we are hearing about yet another laptop, this one coming from the Ukraine.  I have to be honest, this one makes me a little nervous, I would prefer that all the evidence we have comes with American provenance and does not leave us open to claims of ‘foreign interference.’  We do not know how this is going to play out, but if I were team Biden, I would be calculating a way to delegitimize the emails which are authentic by confusing them with ones that are tainted.  Tainted either by origin or authenticity.

[Opinion] Wow, for the past several election cycles, plus Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearings, the left has brought out late-breaking evidence in an attempt to derail the GOP’s agenda.

With only three weeks to go before the most important elections in our country’s history, IMHO,  many of us have been watching intently for more of their last-minute “bombshells”.

Including one that would try to derail the almost guaranteed confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett or one that could stop the momentum of President Trump after recovering from COVID-19.

Instead, the biggest loose cannon in the Biden family, Hunter, was just exposed for making an enormous mistake, to go along with a second laptop seized in Ukraine, and Hunter’s former business partner flipping on him.

All three problems for the Bidens’ involve computers, one of which was given to former New York Mayor, federal prosecutor, and personal attorney to President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, which has become the October surprise against Joe Biden.

According to a story printed last week in the NY Post, the New York Post published emails and photographs that the outlet claimed were contained on a laptop owned by Hunter Biden, which he apparently never collected from the repair store.

The hard drive was retrieved by a third-party from the shop owner in January and then sent to Giuliani. Giuliani seemingly then sat on the information for months, before releasing it to the Post just weeks before the election.

The social media giants, Twitter, and Facebook, immediately went into story suppression hoping to limit the damage from information found on his laptop.

If the information was able to be disproven, the Biden campaign would have gone on the attack, instead, they are trying to play neutral, looking pathetic along the way.

Biden campaign surrogate Jenna Arnold said Sunday on Fox News Chanel’s “America’s News HQ” that no one from the campaign has addressed the authenticity of emails allegedly from Hunter Biden linking his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, to his Ukraine business dealings.

Breitbart is reporting; Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden’s Flipped Business Partner Provided 26,000 Emails.

Let’s go back in history.

Ukrainian Parliamentarian Andriy Derkach held a publicized press conference last October in Ukraine.

In his press conference, Derkach alleged that Joe Biden was paid $900,000 for lobbying efforts from Burisma Holdings in Ukraine. [this claim is yet to be proven]

This is the same organization that paid Hunter Biden over $50,000 a month to sit on their board in, what appears to me to be an obvious pay-for-play maneuver.

During his press conference, Derkach even displayed images and a timeline of Joe Biden’s nefarious dealings in Ukraine.

On Sunday Andrii Derkach announced a second laptop belonging to Hunter Biden’s business contacts in Ukraine has been seized by law enforcement.

The Daily Mail reported:

A Ukrainian lawmaker has claimed a second laptop belonging to Hunter Biden’s business contacts in the country has been seized by law enforcement there.

Andrii Derkach posted to Facebook on Friday to say there is a ‘second laptop’ involving evidence of corruption and connected to the Bidens, The Daily Beast reports.

Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, has said foreign sources did not provide the Hunter Biden emails first reported last week. He says a laptop containing the correspondence and intimate photos was simply abandoned in a Delaware repair shop and the shop owner reached out to Giuliani’s lawyer.

Derkach is one of Giuliani’s principal contacts and was mentioned in an August intelligence assessment that described a concerted Russian effort to disparage Biden. A Treasury Department sanction announcement from last month characterized Derkach as an ‘active Russian agent for over a decade.’

Now he claims to know of a second laptop, used by ‘two representatives for the interests of [Burisma founder Mykola] Zlochevsky.’ Hunter served on the board of directors at Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Will all the damaging information get disseminated before the election or will most of it be used for future prosecutions of Hunter, Joe and/or Jim Biden?

They have Hunter’s personal hard drive, emails from Hunter’s imprisoned former business partner, and now a second computer, with Hunter’s business dealings, just seized in a raid in Ukraine.

This time a bulldog, like Rudy, will have a say in how some of this moves forward, so let’s see how the chips fall, could be very interesting to see how long will the left stick by the Biden families’ side.

Finally the evidence is in the hands of men with the balls to do something about it.  This is not the FBI or the DOJ, where corruption stories go to die and get covered up.  We are talking Rudy and Bannon, two of the most ruthless men on Earth when it comes to exposing corruption. Justice be done, may the heavens fall.

Eric Thompson

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  • Why did hunters business partner flip, did he figure out he was screwed over for not being a part of the family and cut out of the proceeds of their ???? businesses, for not being taken care of? Lots of questions.

    • Because he turned out to be the scapegoat for what Hunt*r dealings did. He’s sitting in jail while Hunt*r and his other partner is free and clear. He waited so long because he thought they were going to get him out until he heard about the hard drive coming to light. Now he’s pissed they bailed on him.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what he said and that they were trying to pass the whole thing off as Russian Disinformation making him look like a traitor. Bobulinski has said he will testify and bring these people down.

  • The Evil that has been lurking like a vicious snake that gave birth to hundreds or thousands of agendas labeled Death to America has been exposed. We need to cut its head off and the agendas will soon die off. This is the start of the collapse and the lies of their sinister “reset.” Get back to reality and focus back on behaving like awake people, do not believe it is about a pandemic, that will take us into a new reality, the “pandemic,” was a fluke and they grabbed the opportunity to use it. It has been proven to have exactly the same data as the annual flu season, STOP BEING AFRAID!! The WHO has already admitted that masks and isolation through lockdowns, are causing more deaths than the “pandemic.” The orchestrators of the lies are caught, we only need to stop obeying them and it’s over for them.

    • All Good Stuff, Totally Agree with all except pandemic comment. The pandemic was in no way a random fluke, It was created by Very Sick Evil people who were instructed and funded by, George Soros and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with 2 purposes,#1 Destroy America, #2 Depopulate the entire planet. Don’t let the timing fool you, there are No Coincidence’s
      These people timed it all perfectly just for the election

  • From the interview with Rudy Giuliani the shop owner turned over the laptop to the FBI in December and they sat on it all this time including during the impeachment hoax. The shop owner gave Rudy Giuliani’s associate/lawyer a copy of the hard drive only a couple of weeks ago. That’s when they found out the FBI has the original hard drive.

  • I want to support the President in his call for a Special Posecuter to investigate this before the election. If we can determine that the Bidens including Joe Biden have already sold access to the White House while in the VP’s office, then we have to wonder what they will do if Joe gets into the Oval Office. All bets are off.

    Look at it this way. This is not all that starnge for Democrats. Bill sold National Defense technology to the Chinese, Hillary sold 20% of our Uranium supply, and there are most likely lots of cases of American intellectual property and asset which have been sold. We need this investigation.

  • well if you did a background check his partner was charged and convicted of ilegal dealings and had a huge debt to pay- trump told the fbi he wanted the laptop investigated- so my guess is that his partner needed lots of money ad was a trump payoff or something- but as we know no changing of money ever changed hands so at best be probmatic to say one that biden was involved- two since no money transferred it be well we talked abut it but nothing happened- or hunter was involved and his brother but nothing do with biden – but talked between the two about it- it wait see what happens- it will be and is being investigated- as it should but like hllery ‘s email that she was cleared of this year because no security release in those emails that she was carless but no wrong doing- and biden really can’t be responsible- i mean how many of you can tell your 40 year old son not to do things- specially if you do not know about it- assumption is joe knew but that needs be proven – and untill it is news really do not want to touch it- but sooner or later ight all come out – and if this whistle blower has all thoes papers and things surly his name be in them too- so he has to remove his name from all of them- it just sounds fishy-