As the ANTIFA and BLM activist protests continue, week after week, a significant number of Americans will start taking their own safety into their own hands.

Shootings, running protesters over, and good old body-slamming of these snowflake anarchists, were reported through this weekend. I am sure more is to come unless law and order are restored quickly.

One of the stories took place up in Eugene, Oregon Saturday night.

A driver and Antifa-Black Lives Matter protester faced off against each other withdrawn handguns when protesters blocked a street, preventing the driver from passing through. Not a good idea to try to intimidate the average more rural Oregonian.

Video of the incident was posted to Twitter by C. Francis O’Leary, Managing Editor of the Daily Emerald. No one was shot and the impasse ended peacefully, reported O’Leary.

From Gateway Pundit

“Someone in traffic apparently pulled a gun and said “get the fuck out of my way”…”Truck guy pulled his gun again, BLM protester ran up with their own gun and said drop it. (I usually avoid posting faces, but I would be negligent in my journalistic duty to modify this)…After close to a minute the truck driver drove off. I didn’t see who lowered their weapon first because I stopped recording to warn people down range from the truck driver’s barrel that they were in danger.”

Earlier, as Antifa-BLM protesters were being counter-protested by All Lives Matter demonstrators, a gunshot was heard, but no one was hurt. James Crepea with the Oregonian reported the shooter was arrested.

It is time for ANTIFA and BLM basement dwellers and gang bangers to go back home. No act of violence will help them accomplish their “goals, and no free money “reparations, will be coming from the Federal government.

Just like “Occupy Wallstreet” did not accomplish anything for the unemployed lost souls and spoiled college students involved, the American general population is ‘WOKE” to the actual funders and nefarious purposes of the 2020 domestic terrorist movements.

America, stay safe, avoid areas where the anarchists are working, and if possible be armed, just in case the mob turns on you without notice.

Eric Thompson

Eric is a Conservative independent talk show host and owner of He's an USMC Veteran fighting daily to preserve Faith - Family - Country values in the United States of America.

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  • Eddie Gaston
    Black Lives Matters is not about black lives. BLM and Antifa is not about social injustice, police reform etc… It is about Marxism like in China, the CCP. Communist try to divide and for any social reasons. In China it was the greedy landowners but the peasants were betrayed. BLM is at it’s core Marxist and Marxist could care less about Black issues, they will betray Blacks because they really care about Power and Enslavement. Joe Biden is a Racist but the Left knows they can manipulate him because of his mental capacity. He is not able to do the job. You know this!!
    Please check these videos:
    Sen. Tim Scott on Biden’s ‘you ain’t black’ comment,
    Mark Levin takes on BLM “leader”,
    The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party,
    Nine Commentaries Pt 1: What the Communist Party,
    Dinesh D’Souza: A World Without America, Biden incident with gang leader named ‘Corn Pop’, Joe Biden’s Bloopers, Blunders, and Gaffes: 30 Countdown!

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