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Watch: US Soldiers’ Reaction When Trump Walks Onstage in Iraq Is Incredible … Enjoy

Opinion| Regardless of the propagandist mainstream media’s schizophrenic two day stretch over Christmas in covering Donald Trump and American troops serving in combat zones one thing is clear – the troops love Donald Trump.

The hate-Trump media initially took to castigating the president for not visiting the troops…

…Until they learned that Air Force One had secretly departed to transport President Trump and First Lady Melania under cover of darkness.

Once the fake news media learned of President Trump’s surprise visit to Al Asad Airbase in Iraq, they reversed course and attacked him for going.

CNN’s Don Lemon compared Trump to the Grinch who “stole Christmas” from the troops.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough blasted Trump: “But we should also be concerned that Trump once again used a captive audience of American heroes to push his unpopular domestic agenda — this time the wall.”

Uh, you decide if this sounds like a captive audience or a group of intensely proud Americans expressing their love for their Commander in Chief:

The troops broke into a chorus of USA, USA, USA.  

One member of United States Army told President Trump he’s only in the military because he’s the president. And President Trump responded, “And I am here because of you.”

Trump remains widely popular with the military because he’s relaxed the rules of engagement and taken the gloves off the officers.  The results have been tougher on our enemies and and have allowed our troops to be successful in carrying out their missions with minimal casualties.

The fact is Trump is best described as a blue collar billionaire – he truly cares about the so-called “little guys.”

That’s a trait his supporters recognize and appreciate.  And, whatever criticism the elites lay on him, we forgive all of it.  They don’t understand our plight, nor do they care except to pay us lip service.

This sums up the wall of support that has grown up around our president;

And President Trump consistently makes it clear he feels the same way about us:

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