Police have arrested a 19-year-old caretaker for viciously beating an 88-year-old man he was supposed to be attending to.

There is a video of the incident and it is quite graphic. The squeamish might not want to view it.

According to TampaBay.com

‘Jonah Delgado, 19, now faces charges of abuse of an elderly or disabled adult and battery.

A 19-year-old caretaker was arrested Wednesday after investigators say he beat an 88-year-old man in his care.

Jonah Delgado faces charges of abuse of an elderly or disabled adult and battery.

According to a news release from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Delgado had been hired as an at-home caretaker for a man who required full-time care for basic needs.

But on Aug. 5, a home surveillance camera recorded Delgado physically and verbally attacking the man in his charge. The victim’s identity wasnot been released by the Sheriff’s Office.’

Jonah Delgado was caught on video verbally abusing the man and dragging him out of his wheelchair, throwing him on the bed and punching him in the stomach. It is quite disturbing and brings up the question as to why anyone would trust a nineteen-year-old boy to care for the elderly and infirm man.

The man needs full-time care and the beating was recorded on the home surveillance system:

“The teen caretaker appears to be listening to music while he attempts to clean the man, pulling him in and out of the chair and slapping him in the face, head and stomach as the man becomes entangled in Delgado’s earbud cords, yanking them from his ears,” the Tampa Bay Times reported. “Later, investigators said Delgado pushed the victim into the bed and punched him in the stomach three times. Detectives worked quickly to obtain an arrest warrant for Delgado, who was taken into custody around midnight Wednesday by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.”

The boy told the old man “You’re a f**ing idiot! Like how stupid are you?”

Tragically, and indicative of the state of our culture in America, elder abuse is becoming more common. No one should never be treated this way and the judge should throw the book at him.

The man was totally helpless and was at the mercy of the young thug. It has been estimated that 5 million elderly people suffer some form of elder abuse by men or women. In 60% of the cases, the abuser is a family member.

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