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Comey’s Skeletons Tumble Out Of His Closet, So He Desperately Tries To Bring Trump Down With Him, Implying On Twitter Trump Desires Support Of Racists

Speculation & Opinion By Our K.Baish| James Comey’s alleged misdeeds as FBI head are on the verge of being exposed Rep Nunes seemed to imply the other night on Hannity.

The transgressions carried out by the Obama Admin pals are worse than most people imagine according to Jason Chaffetz.

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey hasn’t been shy about sharing his skewed opinions since it was revealed that the DOJ decided against prosecuting him for leaking classified memos to the New York Times.

Comey has been openly accusing President Donald Trump of being racist, sending out two tweets attacking him on Monday following this weekend’s mass shootings

The President addressed Americans on Monday, sharing his condolences for the families and friends of those caught in these horrific acts of violence, condemning racism and bigotry in the process.

Comey tried to attack the President, claiming that he had been reading his words off a teleprompter, indicating that his condolences weren’t sincere.

“Reading words off a TelePrompTer is a good start. Now tell your next rally audience that racism and white supremacy are evil and you don’t want the support of anyone who disagrees,” the disgraced former FBI Director tweeted.

It didn’t take long for the liberally-run media to start pointing the finger at President Trump’s “racist rhetoric” for this weekend’s shootings.

“Democrat leaders on Monday such as Joe Biden and Barack Obama have both accused Trump of racism — Biden even compared Trump to the Ku Klux Klan,” according to the Gateway Pundit.

The Hill reports:

Former FBI Director James Comey, a vocal Trump critic, on Sunday called on President Trump to take a public stand against racism in a new op-ed, accusing him of stirring up racism for “political benefit.”

“America has long had a radioactive racist soup in the center of our national life. Donald Trump thinks he is stirring it for political benefit,” Comey wrote in The New York Times. “He’s actually doing something more dangerous.”

Comey alleged that the gunman who killed 20 people in a shooting in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday was in part inspired by Trump’s comments on Hispanic immigrants. The shooter wrote a manifesto that was reportedly posted online filled with racist comments about Hispanic people.

CNN reports that Comey also wrote, “Every American president, knowing what lies deep within our country, bears a unique responsibility to say loudly and consistently that white supremacy is illegitimate, that encouraging a politics of racial resentment can spawn violence, and that violence aimed at people by virtue of their skin color is terrorism. Mr. President, because of what you have done, you owe us more than condolences sent via Twitter. You must stop trying to unleash and exploit the radioactive energy of racism.”

Why doesn’t it come as a surprise that the antiTrump former FBI Director is blaming Trump for these shootings?

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