Opinion| Mark Sidney|  A good rule of thumb in life is to never lump all people you disagree with into a category, judge nor slander them based solely on a singular action.  For instance, it is probably not a good look to say something silly, such as: ‘If you voted for Donald Trump, you are a racist.  You have no wiggle room.’

Unfortunately, that did not stop Jemele Hill.  Don’t feel badly if you have not heard of her before.  I only learned of her today as well.  According to Bongino.com, Hill use to be a commentator for Disney’s, EPSN, and is now a writer for the Atlantic, a globalist publication (IMHO.)

For those of you keeping score at home, if you desire a nation with borders, the government to respect your God given rights, a businessperson running, the ‘Executive Branch’, lower taxes ,and our nation NOT to be sold out to the highest bidder by HRC or Joe Biden … I’m sorry, but you are a racist (with no wiggle room.)

Don’t take my word for it, listen to Jemele Hill herself:

“If you vote for Donald Trump, you are a racist. You have no wiggle room,” Hill wrote.

Of course, such an ignorant and polarizing tweet went mega-viral, garnering over a quarter million hearts (and counting) as well as resulting in 110k+ other people tweeting about the absurd statement.  It wouldn’t be twitter if our fellow Trump supporters did not crime in to ruin the left’s end zone dance:

Melissa Tate (who was rocking an awesome ‘tan’) tweeted:

‘@jemelehill is very ignorant & a hater. She says everyone voting Trump is a racist. I’m voting Trump no matter how much the left screams. Who us with me?


Jesse Lee Peterson (also not melanin deficient judging by his profile picture) tweeted:

‘TRUMP 2020


Legendary Twitter user, Kambree responded “I am voting for president Trump and so is the rest of my Hispanic family’

Bongino.com’s, Matt Palumbo reported :Ironically, among those minority conservatives that Jemele Hill apparently thinks are racist includes her own mother. Hill revealed in a 2017 tweet that her mother voted for President Trump, and has voted Republican since the Clinton presidency.”

Then there was Rafel, who did a full, jump from the free throw line, under the leg, behind the back, double windmill, slam dunk on the Atlantic author:

😳😂😂.  Just when you think the left can not get any more ironic or absurd … they do!  Done in by her very own tweet from years ago, it doesn’t get much richer than that …

Only when we go back to …judging people by the content of their character, and not their political beliefs will we succeed in healing as a nation.  Like I tell my kids, remember, everyone has a different life experience and views than you do, but the most important thing in the world is … to be kind to EVERYONE.


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