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Democrat Governor THREATENS All Doctors and Pharmacists Who Try To Treat Virus By Prescribing or Dispensing Hydroxychloroquine for Patients


Democrat Governor THREATENS All Doctors and Pharmacists Who Try To Treat Virus By Prescribing or Dispensing Hydroxychloroquine for Patients

OPINION| Earlier this week we reported on Nevada’s Democrat Governor, Steve Sisolak:

‘However, no one has gone as far as Nevada’s Democrat Governor, Steve Sisolak.

Sisolak has a case of TDS so bad that he is willing to deny COVID-19 patients medicine that could potentially help them recover from the Wuhan Virus.  No, it’s not a proven fact, but some have claimed success using the drug.  Shouldn’t they have the right to try it?’

Now Michigan’s Democrat Governor, Gretchen Whitimer, is the ‘authority’ to go out of her way to ensure those with life threatening cases of Coronaviruses are not able to try an off label treatment which some doctors and patients have claimed has shown promise in treating the symptoms of COVID-19.

The drugs in question are hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak.  In the Governor’s infinite wisdom, and apparent lack of conscious, has threatened doctors and pharmacists who dare prescribe the drug for an off label use.

Detroit News reported:

If you live in Michigan, and you or a loved one is infected with this potentially lethal disease, you’re out of luck.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs literally threatened all doctors and pharmacists in the state who prescribe or dispense hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19.

The agency’s March 24 letter warns physicians and pharmacists of professional consequences for the prescribing of hydroxychloroquine (and chloroquine). Beyond the rational recommendation against hoarding as production of this medication needs to be ramped up, the letter deviates into open threats of “administrative action” against the licenses of doctors that prescribe hydroxychloroquine.

The letter also instructs pharmacists to ignore physician orders for this medication. Due to the debate over a pharmacist’s right to refuse to fill medications that go against their religious beliefs, this could place pharmacists in the unprecedented position of being told that they must fill prescriptions that violate their “conscience (religious belief)” but must not fill prescriptions to treat COVID-19.

Even worse, the letter indicates health care providers are “required to report” their fellow physicians who are prescribing these medications. This draconian measure carries ominous Gestapo-like overtones of neighbor reporting neighbor to “authorities.”

Just think about the mentality of someone who would issue such an order.  I wonder what she would do if one of her loved ones came down with a sever care of the Wuhan Coronavirus.  Somehow I suspect an exception would be made.

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