Opinion| Steven Ahle| Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox Business News with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday and they were discussing Joe Biden. Rudy does not hold a very favorable opinion of the former vice president, but then again, who does?

During the interview, Rudy pointed out that Joe Biden isn’t capable of running a grocery store, let alone a country. I’m not so sure about that. After all, it does take some brains to make millions of dollars for his family and close friends.

Rudy Giuliani: When he said that Trump is oblivious, that’s like looking in the mirror isn’t it? That’s projection. Even with his deteriorated mental state, he can still project.

I mean the guy is oblivious. If you can’t see that this man is sick then there’s something wrong with you. And, we got a lot of smart people on the other side and a lot of smart people in his family. And, they’re running him.

It’s so cynical and it shows so much of a disrespect for the United States of America that you could try to put a man in that mental condition in the White House. It’s frightening how we’ve lost any sense of caring about the country.

The man mentally can’t function. You can’t hire him. You wouldn’t hire him to run your store. I wouldn’t hire him to run a store. He’d get it all screwed up.

From The Gateway Pundit

Of course, Rudy it right and everyone knows it. The more Americans see Joe Biden the more horrific is the prospect that this man could run the country. Joe’s policies are bad enough but his mental state is a non-starter.

He’s right, you know.  What a great way to put it.

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