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What Is Happening To Fox News?! President Trump Tees Off On Fox News Reporter For Parroting Democrat Talking Points ‘Are You Working For CNN?’

Carmine Sabia

What Is Happening To Fox News?! President Trump Tees Off On Fox News Reporter For Parroting Democrat Talking Points ‘Are You Working For CNN?’

| Opinion| Fox News has changed a ton in recent times and that was shown again at the White House coronavirus press briefing.

Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts went after President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence with Democrat talking points.

Roberts asked the president why his administration disbanded the pandemic response team, which the president said was a “false story.”

“We didn’t do that. That turned out to be a false story,” the president said. “Now you’re starting to go — are you working for CNN?”

“I’m pointing out what they have said and what you have said, that’s all,” the reporter said before the president cut him off.

“Fox isn’t so easy either, don’t kid yourself,,” the president said. “Look, John, let me tell you something. You know that’s a false story. What you just said is a false story, this doctor knows it better than anybody … you shouldn’t be repeating a story that you know is false.”

And later Roberts again hit the president and vice president on health insurance.

“There are a lot of people who are worried about getting sick and do they end up in a hospital, people who are uninsured and will they be crushed by medical bills,” he said.

“You were considering last month… reopening the exchanges. There has been a determination not to do that.

“Could you tell us what the rationale was behind that decision? And what would you have as an alternative?” he said.

President Trump handed the question to Vice President Pence who is in charge of the coronavirus task force.

“The president has made a priority from the outset of our task force work to make sure every American knows that they can have the coronavirus and they don’t have to worry about the cost,” Pence said.

“We were very inspired as well, because of the president’s engagement with the leading health insurance companies in the country, that now, so far, two of the not only willing to waive co-pays on testing, testing is fully covered because of the bill the president signed for every American,” he said.

But Roberts did not take that as an answer and kept going after the vice president on the same topic.

“There will be people who get sick before any of these mitigation efforts are put into place. And without opening the health care exchanges, where can they find insurance?” he said.

“People who aren’t insured by these companies that are covering the cost of the copay. Where can people go now to get health insurance if they get sick — before they get sick?” he said.

“All across America we have Medicaid for underprivileged Americans” he said, and he said that what health insurance companies have been doing is “inspiring.”

“That’s for people who already have insurance,” Roberts said before the vice president moved on to other questions.

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