Not only did we warn everyone (and I’m sure you saw this coming as well), President Trump also warned us that this day was coming:

The media laughed at him when he predicted it.  The Guardian, a UK publisher, ran the headline “Donald Trump claims protesters want to pull down statues of Jesus .’  Newsweek (yeah, I thought they went under too) wrote in June ‘Activist Who Wants White Jesus Statues Torn Down Says Christian Whiteness Has Always Been Violent.’

It seems to me that even the left can not believe how crazy their own camp is.

[Opinion] Rioters in Portland taking part in an “Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage” vandalized property, broke windows, and tore down statues of Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln on Sunday night in protest of colonialism.

Posters circulating through Twitter called people to gather at West Waterfront under the Burnside Bridge at 7:30 PM on Sunday. The posters requested that attendees wear black and refrain from taking pictures or videos. “END COLONIALISM. ABOLISH POLICE. F*** ICE,” the Tweet stated.

Generational Resistance is the same group (self-described as a “BIPOC only affinity group”) that organized an “Anti-Independence Day March” on July 4th.

According to Q13 Fox News, the protesters started by toppling the Theodore Roosevelt statue, then the Abraham Lincoln statue, and then smashed windows at the Oregon Historical Society and the Portland State University Campus Public Safety office.

Pictures and videos of the events circulated through social media as the events unfolded last night. Andy Ngo, a journalist who has been following Antifa activity in Portland, identified the organizers as “the ‘indigenous’ faction of antifa”:

Protesters covered the statues in red paint and graffiti before tearing them from their bases.

During the toppling of the statue of Roosevelt, a protester can be heard yelling, “Everyone of you that’s against Black Lives Matter can f*** the f*** off.”


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  • The degree of stupidity is beyond imagination Jesus was not WHITE. And for sure, Christianity is not a white religion. This shows just how hateful, bigoted and prejudiced these animals are.

  • I think this is enough for us americans to stop this these are home GROWN terrorist which should be stopped and put in to jail for a long time and these are some don’t belong here george soros and Cair flu these people over to be trained as anrkus
    And terrorist group when they returned there some Muslims came back with them terrorist group to demized people and to destroyed towns and cities and businesses owners and people to lose there homes these DEMOCRATS are part of this group and seem to get off on it which is very very sick george soros and Cair are sick minded person no more like animals

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