If there is a single person in the United States Government who embodies the persona of Marie Antionette, it is House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.  Ol’ Iron Liver (as we like to call her around here) has been in ‘public service’ (more like ‘servicing the public … if you know what I mean) for over 3 decades.

At 80 years old, Nancy has become as stone hearted as they come.  Her lack of empathy for anyone, including the millions of Americans suffering from the Covid lockdowns oozes from her skin.

It is high time that the United States House of Representatives gets a fresh, new face, leading the legislative body.  While I pray that it will be a Republican like Jim Jordan or Matt Gaetz come January, even if it is a Democrat, please, God, let it be anyone other than Nancy Pelosi.

[Opinion] Representative Doug Collins is calling for Pelosi’s removal as Speaker of the House and honestly, it’s about time. Republicans have said pretty much since the beginning of her time in office, that she needs to go, but no one has done anything about it.

Democrats will pull the impeachment card at the drop of a hat. They seem to think that it’s this quick and easy process to just remove the President of the United States. As they saw the last time they tried, it is far from that simple.

In light of that, obviously, Republicans don’t want to be like Democrats and just remove people from office that they don’t like. That’s not how politics or the world work. However, if a politician is abusing power, discussions should be had regarding whether or not that person should remain in office.

Pelosi has shown over and over again that she is more than willing to abuse the power given to her as Speaker of the House. Collins is taking it a step further and saying that Pelosi is not mentally fit to remain Speaker of the House.

I mean, when she ripped up the State of the Union address, it was kind of a giveaway that she’s not mentally fit to serve. An adult acting like a child typically is typically not someone that I want making important decisions about my country.

I find it ironic as well that recently Pelosi threatened to impeach Trump should he move forward with the nomination of Justice Ginsburg’s replacement. She didn’t attempt another impeachment, however, and really didn’t do anything to stop him other than kick and scream.

But instead of Trump being impeached, Republicans politicians that have had enough of Pelosi, threatened to remove her. Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy threatened to move forward with removing Pelosi a few weeks ago when she threatened Trump’s removal. Nothing really happened on either side, however.

Now, however, in light of Pelosi’s consistent crazy actions, Collins is working to have her removed. He calls out her “unwillingness to abide by the Constitution.” You would think a Speaker of the House would have at least read the document at some point. But the way she acts, I’m not sure she has. She refuses to abide by what’s written or respect America.

Democrats accuse Trump of being bad for America, they say he’s hurting America. However, having people like Pelosi in office is really what’s harmful to America. Recently, Collins told Pelosi, “you’re supposed to be the Speaker of the House, not the head of the of the Democratic National Convention,” according to Just the News.

He’s pretty spot on. The Speaker of the House should work with both sides of the political spectrum to make decisions that are best for America, not choose a side and tear it apart. She has done a horrible job as Speaker and needs to be removed.

Legislative power is an incredible thing with the potential for immense good. But if someone is found to be abusing that power, they should be removed. It’s sad that it’s taken this long, but I think enough Republicans have finally realized, Pelosi has got to go.

It is sad to think that there is a woman, with tens of millions of dollars who would rather be working to destroy the nation rather than spending time with her family.  I have a feeling ordinary people like you and I will never understand just how all consuming the will to amass power is for someone like Pelosi.

Caitlin Bassett

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  • It is past time to remove Pelosi as Speaker of the House. She is unwilling to help the millions of Americans that are suffering financial hardships due to this COVID-19 virus. She blames the President but she is the one holding up money for the people to get what she wants. Democrats need to grow a pair and stand up to this hateful woman and remove her now.


    • I’m going to connect some dots here…

      POS MALIG-nancy and her swarm of demonrat vermin IMPEACHED our president for ‘supposedly’ withholding funds from a foreign country, correct? (We all know that President Trump did no such thing, that it was bidiot that was guilty of that).

      POS MALIG-nancy has, in FACT, WITHHELD FUNDING FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE !!! (China virus relief funds).


      And NOONE SEEMS TO HAVE ‘connected THESE dots’!

      Everyone who agrees with me needs to call EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN AND POINT THIS OUT!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️!!!


      Call the US Capitol, TOLL FREE 24/7 @:

      Wait for the recording,
      Press 0
      When operator answers, ask for whoever’s office it is u wish to speak with
      (I prefer calling after hours so I can leave a voicemail that SOMEONE has to listen to!)

      God bless u and yours! 🙋🏻‍♀️😇🙏🏼🇺🇸🥰


  • Remove Nancy Pelosi she’s a corrupted to of the Democrats s American are sick of her she needs to go get her out of the White House

  • Pelosi DEFINITELY needs to go! She would rather save the Democrat states that have allowed all the rioting and destroying, than to help the Americans who elected her. She works for US, and yet we can’t get her to agree to help us! This pandemic was, in no way, President Trump’s fault, yet everyone blames him for the loss of lives. It came from CHINA!! Don’t they understand this? And Barack Obama paid the Chinese to manufacture it!

    • You have proof that Obama paid Chinese to manufacture the virus? Show me. I don’t like Obama but I wouldn’t make statements like that unless I had proof.

      • Dr. Fauci was working with the coronavirus in 2014 here in this country. Since it became illegal to play with these things, Fauci turned over all his work to the Wuhan Lab in China and BO gave them $13m plus to continue the experiments. Funding continued in the following years.

  • From what I’ve seen, the apple dont fall far from the tree. Her daughter is just as sorry as she is. Hope the daughter dont go into politics, she just as evil and cold hearted and don’t care who she steps on the get what they want. Screw the American people as long getting millions from government contractors.

  • It’s about time. It’s has been long due . Stop wasting time. With hate; put someone that is not looking for power have her go eat her icecrame and help the people in her disitrict who neede help.

  • Mr Collins,,, Please follow thru with this,,, Pelosi is a very sick woman… her hate has destroyed her.. She needs investigated now… I am her age and I believe at her age she should not be in politics anymore,,, I do believe she is sick in her mind….

  • Pelosi cares more about grandstanding and her political agenda than she does the American people. She is holding our welfare hostage to prove her point. She has the power to do so and that’s a danger to the american people. She claims to be fighting for us but in reality its all about her. She needs to go…

  • It is way past time for Pelosi to go, she, Waters and Finestein are a very good reason for term limits. I think 18 years is a great amount of time because we don’t need everyone to be new at one time.

    • 18 years is SIX terms in the House and 3 terms in the Senate. I find that to be far too long. I’d approve 2 terms in either or one term in each. Anything more they become control freaks and lobby money grubbers.

      • 9 terms in thhouse their terms are only 2 years, I would like to see their terms set at 12 years that gives them 4 more years then the POTUS.

  • Nancy Pelosi is the DOOR STOP that prevents CRAZY REPUBLI ANS FROM TOTALLY TRASHING THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION AND running stark raving mad away with the AMERICAN DREAM. Every single Rebublican should be charged with STUPIDITY AND LOCKED FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY

    • And some quarterbacks, from what I see and hear you are also a Democrat!!I think you should stay out of politics and only concentrate on football, or not ! That’s all you know.

      Just saying.

    • It appears the your American dream is free stuff. Mine is freedom of those who want to enslave me and redistribute my property.

    • You sound like a typical radical left winger. If everyone doesn’t think like you, they have to go. There is a thing called the First Amendment in the Constitution that gives American citizens the fright to disagree with you and profess it. The radical left, ANTIFA and BLM thugs think they are the only ones to be able to express an opinion and that everyone else should just shut up and go along with what they think. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. Maybe you should get a little taste of what you’re trying to force on everyone who doesn’t think like you. Where does it say that the way YOU think is the CORRECT way!!!

      • It’s called Pointing the Racist finger at you. It will end your way of life for ever and we are scare of it. It’s how they’ve learned to control Whitey. Being called a racist. For blacks it’s hand outs, for illegals it will be citizenship. You haven’t had freedom of speech for 40 years or more. Wake up folks. Remember according to the President no not Trump,Obama they act like he still is, Antifa is only a thought not and organization, BLM has a right to be racist cuz it’s how we make things equal by letting them do something we can’t,

    • I must’ve missed this part of our Constitution that says someone has the right to block our right to the American dream too. And that someone else has the right to lock us up for being stupid, I did not know we don’t have the right to be stupid, I thought you all on the left declared that to be a hate crime, didn’t you? I also find it hard to believe that every single Republican is stupid and every single Democrat is smart, isn’t that a statistical impossibility? You must also feel that crime, corruption, and treason belong to only the smart people then. Maybe that’s why we are stupid Republicans, we don’t like doing that to other Americans just trying to live the American dream. By the way, the American dream states, We have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, I guess we’ll have to rethink how to do that without Capitolism, which actually funds all the benefits we hand out to minorities every year. Is this what you want to hear from us? Maybe you should just rewrite your own Constitution, I wonder how many people you could get to sign on for that.

      • You don’t think when Harris is Pres, Pelosi is speaker, Dem Senate majority leader that they aren’t go to go crazy and make changes we can’t do anything about. I feel a dictatorship coming. They’ll strip us of our rights, abuse whites, cuz it’s all our fault, I say if it’s so bad try Africa genocide over being called a name, White privilege use to be called a good reputation that you earned from doing the right damn thing. But if they win the whole ball of wax it’s all over with the America we love is GONE.

    • Riiiiiiiiinnnggg that’s your alarm clock wake up you stupid bastard. You are most definatly a Liberal cuz you can’t think for yourself. Remember thou It isn’t that Liberals are ignorant their just full of stuff that isn’t so.

  • With “tens of millions of dollars” you would think that she could solve the financial problems of a lot of people who are hurting because of this pandemic, by donating a million or so dollars to aid them. But instead she blocks them from getting money that government could give them to help them through this rough spot. I would love to see her bankrupt and trying to figure out how to feed her family. It is certain that she would scream and holler for government to help her.

  • Does a mafia Don ever retire? She leads the Pelosi crime syndicate and loves the power. Remember how she told the president during a white house meeting with Trump and Shumar, (not a quote), do you know who your talking to? I am the powerful Speaker of the House. Don’t you forget it.

  • I’m old also! But she has been kept there by all the $$$$ she can bring in! Heard that out of the mouth of another RAT! She has CA wrapped up with 3 other families, plus the illegals, and hollyweirdos and call all the shots! WE are out voted. Its been going on for years.
    I would be willing to bet half the House would like her gone! She THINKS SHE HAS MORE POWER than the President! Bad for our country! And she is the BLAME FOR NOT ALLOWING the stimulus WE all need! She plants goodies for all her rich buddies, and anyone that agrees with her! Then blames the President for NOT AGREEING WIT HER! Look at the mess her and buddy rats have done to CA!done to CA!

    • She is also scummers mistress. Watch them. Always together.
      There’s picture of piglosi with President Trump. You could tell she was coming on to him. I truly believe he rebuffed her advances. She does act like a scorned woman. Look at his wife. Why would he want piglosi?

  • It’s obvious, given the low morals of politicians in general, why nothing has been done to end her reign. She has dirt on everybody. Blackmail is her ticket.

  • Pelosi is a stick in the shit house waiting to be dropped in. She is not a Leader but, she is a Nazi Acting Bitch with no guiding morals. Her only desire is Power over the Country just like Hitler did. She must think she is the Later Day Hitler with an attitude.

  • Absolutely correct obama sent Fauci to china and gave them upwards of 5 million dollars in grant money for research he helped create the virus

  • Time to quit talking and start doing republicans.The faster you remove her the better this country will become.She is like Sleepy Joe half a century in politics and never accomplished a thing except getting rich off the American people.

  • Let’s see if there is a segment in the house rules or constitution to be able to impeach pelosi, and we thought and still do biden is a puppy compared to pelosi, her child tamper tantum’s show where her gafts come from. if it’s well and good for everyone elts why is pelosi any different?.

  • As usual they’ve waited to long. And nothing will come from it. We might need to be sacred that they’ve convinced enough dummy white folks that they’re good and Republicans are bad and the Democrats win both houses. That’s something that scares me into losing sleep. Can you imagine Harris President oops I mean Biden, Pelosi speaker still, and some Democrat senate majority leader. Kinda scary isn’t it. Scares the hell out of me.

  • She need to be charged with Treason, amoung other crimes and be
    escorted out of office. She should never be allowed to hold another government job.
    Benefits and Security stripped. Prison would be too good for her. Demon
    that she is.!

  • Republicans will take total control over the House and Senate on Nov. 3rd for all communist demoncrats will be voted out of office!!