Video posted to Twitter captured a moment over the weekend when counter-protesters entered a Trump rally and began barking at attendees.

The Trump supporters were gathered on a public sidewalk in Claremont, California, waving American flags. The video shows a group of about six college-aged females approaching the Trump supporters and barking like dogs.

The barking counter-protesters were wearing masks, but came far closer to the Trump supporters than the CDC’s six-foot social distancing guidelines, barking in their faces.

One Trump supporter asked if they “kn(e)w how f***ing stupid (they) are.”

Only 45 miles away, more Trump supporters were gathering for a Freedom Rally in Beverly Hills. According to a writer at the Courier, hundreds attended Saturday’s rally:

Freedom Rallies have been happening in Beverly Hills every week since July to protest government overreach and to show support for law enforcement and President Trump. According to the LAist, the gatherings have largely been organized by Shiva Begheri, a half-Iranian single mother and dance instructor who walked away from the Democrat party when she voted for Trump in the 2016 elections.

Saturday’s Freedom Rally was filled with American flags, Thin Blue Line flags, MAGA hats, and energetic crowds, but it was not without tension. Counter-protestors made an appearance, and the two demonstrations were kept separated by fences and police presence.

Two men were arrested on suspicion of battery, and another video from Braslow captured the moment one man was handcuffed by police after making physical contact with a counter-protester.

While tensions were high during moments of the day’s events, Braslow also captured video showing the high spirits and energy of the crowd, including one moment when a group of women began dancing to “YMCA”. The lyrics and motions were altered for “MAGA”.

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