I think the famous liberal and journalist, Glenn Greenwald, said it best when he tweeted, ‘Adoption is one of the most beautiful things that exists in the world, and while — like everything, including biological families — it can foster abuse, casually insinuating that for adoptive parents is despicable.’

The idea that someone would turn their lives upside down in order to adopt two children as ‘props’ is beyond comprehension really.  As a father I know how much time, energy, love, frustration and worry goes into raising children, to adopt a parentless child is one of the most amazing and selfless things a person can do on this Earth.  I will flat out tell you that I am not a good enough person to make that sacrifice, I am too selfish.

Soon to be Justice Barrett on the other hand, she did make that choice and the fact that is being used AGAINST her is down right sick …

[Opinion] During her Senate confirmation hearings this week, Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett was given a chance to respond to accusations against her that her adoption of two Haitian children was in any way unethical.

Senator John Kennedy (R – LA) used some of his time on Tuesday to give Barrett a chance to respond to allegations within leftist popular culture that she may be a “white colonizer” for adopting black children.

“Some butthead professor at Boston University,” began Kennedy, “says that because you and your husband have two children of color that you’re a white colonist. The implication is that you’re a racist, and that you use your two children as props. Do you use your children as props?”

Kennedy was referring to comments made by Ibram X. Kendi, famed author of the controversial New York Times bestseller How to Be an Antiracist. Kendi posted to Twitter on September 26th – the same day that President Trump announced his nomination of Justice Barrett – that the adoption of black children by “white colonizers” is often a tactic to deny any accusations of racism.

Senator Kennedy,” Barrett responded, “it was the risk of people saying things like that which would be so hurtful to my family that when I told Senator Graham this morning that my husband and I had to really weigh the cost of this, it was saying deeply offensive and hurtful things – things that are not only hurtful to me but hurtful to my children, who are my children, who we love, and who we brought home and made part of our family – and accusations like that are cruel.”

Kendi hasn’t been alone in raising such personal (and arguably offensive) objections to Justice Barrett’s family life. John Lee Brougher of Next Gen America and Democratic activist Dana Houle both cried foul in tweets that have since been deleted.

Amy Coney Barrett and her husband, Jesse, have seven children – five biological, and two adopted from Haiti.

Senator Ted Cruz (R – TX) gave Barrett a chance to speak more about her family’s decision to adopt, calling it a “remarkable” decision that he admires.

Barrett told Cruz that she and her husband encountered couples while they were engaged that had decided to adopt, and made the decision during their engagement that they would one day do the same. “…after we had our first daughter, Emma, we thought well, why wait? So I was expecting Tess when we went and got Vivian.”

They affectionately call Tess and Vivian, so close in age, fraternal twins.

Several years later, they adopted John Peter.

“It really has enriched our family immeasurably,” Barrett said.

For a group that claims so enthusiastically that ‘Love Trumps Hate,’ there are way too many Americans on the left with hate filled hearts.

Caitlin Bassett

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  • God bless her these democrats are so full of hate they will doing anything including hurting children simply to get across their hate for President Trump. I must say after watching the confirmation hearing on Amy Barrett I was fearful they would do what they did to HON. Kavanaugh it is appalling. What a great pick by President Trump it would be hard to find any one more competent then Amy Coney Barrett. God bless.

  • This report of the Democrats that have but one agenda, which is to create Hate & make very Demeaning/Hurtful comments does NOT surprise anyone. It has become the normal for them because they have no platform from which to speak other than one of Hate, Malicious Envy, & Indignation. Imagine if you can just who the Democrats would have selected as their nominee for the Supreme Court had it been their decision to make. I’m guessing Barry O. or Hillary C. Now there one could have made some damning & truthful accusations but the Republicans I think would have been more polite & thoughtful of their feelings. Let us all be THANKFUL to God that it was & still is going to be President Trumps decision to make. I am also Praying that after November 3, 2020 the Democrats will have received the message from ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ that we are not going to tolerate their Dishonesty, Hatred, & Divisiveness any longer. Everybody needs to get out to VOTE. Check to see if your family, neighbors & friends have transportation to the polls. If not offer them a ride. What happens in the next 15 days will determine the Future of America & the future for all of us as to our Freedoms as well as the FUTURE for our children & grandchildren. Don’t Forget to Pray!

  • Yea, what the hell kind of people have we entrusted the leadership of our country to when supposed adult leaders attack other peoples CHILDREN. It is time each one that stoops that low to be recall from leadership positions and be be made, and held accountable.

    Remember GOD made and loves little children.

    GOD Bless little children.

    Richard Lewis

  • I can’t believe the scum from Boston made such a comment about Amy Barrett if anyone is a racist it’s the so called professor. The professor is obviously not smart enough to know the difference.