Elder Patriot’s Opinion – For those wondering if the new Attorney General William Barr is up to the task of taking on the Deep State that conspired to protect Hillary Clinton and her associates, be comforted.

He’s more than capable.

Listen to former George W. Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey discuss Barr’s qualifications with Maria Bartiromo:

“Not only was he attorney general at one time (for George H.W. Bush) but he is a real lawyer.

“He was, at one, time the assistant attorney general in charge of what’s called the Office of Legal Counsel.  That is the office that is essentially the lawyer, the lawyer, for the Justice Department and the rest of the government.

It attracts the best people in the Department.  That and the Solicitor’s General Office get the best lawyers.

He headed that Department.

When Bartiromo asked Mukasey if he thought that Barr would seek the truth in investigating “the FBI putting its finger on the scale in 2016 election” and of the obviously mismanaged Hillary Clinton email scandal, Mukasey didn’t hesitate:

“He will pursue them to the extent that he has the authority to do it and I think he’s got enough authority to do both.

This past Sunday Maria Bartiromo was joined by Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham.

Graham obviously discussed the way forward with Barr.  Thankfully it sounds like Barr is leaning away from Graham’s call for a the appointment of another special counsel and that Barr is now favoring letting his Justice Department handle the prosecution of the Clinton email case.

“So it seems to me that she was interviewed not under oath. She had a couple of her staff people with her. People in her campaign were given immunity without anything in return. Nobody in the Clinton investigation went to jail for lying about the process because there was no process.”

“I know Bill Barr pretty well, and he’s pretty upset about the way all this was handled.”

If Barr is half the man he’s reported to be he understands the absolute need to prosecute the offenders to the maximum degree the law allows.

This wasn’t some college basketball point-shaving scandal.  These weren’t mistakes committed by some downtrodden citizens in need of a few dollars.

These crimes were committed by multi-millionaires intent on stealing trillions of dollars from the body politic of the United States.

The crimes committed against citizen Trump cut to the very essence of our republic.  Anything less than exposing the perpetrators of these crimes to the disinfectant of sunlight would be a miscarriage of justice.

Anything less than imposing the maximum punishment on these criminals would fail to deter future seditionists from committing similar crimes.

The people should demand nothing less.

Mark Siidney

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