Opinion| Ahle| Twitter’s “Head of Site Integrity” Yoel Roth boasts on his LinkedIn that he is in charge of “developing and enforcing Twitter’s rules. Twitter has simplified its rules in order to cut to the chase. All conservative posts violate Twitter’s terms of service.

Roth also hates gays and trannies, so why doesn’t Twitter put him in charge of those sites as well. Twitter may as well have just simplified its terms of service to just one line: “Any conservative post is hate speech and the writer should spend life in front of a firing squad.”

Roth has said:

 “It wouldn’t be a trip to New York without at least one big scary tranny. A 10 block cab ride can seem so much longer when the driver tells you about that time he thought a tranny hooker was a ‘real girl.’”

“Tranny hookers in Birkenstocks. Philadelphia: a city of contradictions. All the fags took him to heart.”

 “Trans is a category worth being linguistically destabilized in the same way we did gay with ‘fag. Sorry, but I don’t subscribe to PC passing the buck. Identity politics is for everyone.”

From Fox News

Twitter declined to elaborate as to why Roth’s apparent biases were not relevant given what he has acknowledged is a leading role in deciding how to flag certain discourse on the platform.

Indeed, Roth sometimes opened up about his heart, and apparent political bias, on Twitter. “‘Every time a cute boy uses an Android phone, I die inside’ is the new ‘Every time a cute boy tells me he’s a Republican, I die inside,’” he said in 2011.

“I occasionally worry that my mother WASN’T joking all those times she told us she was voting Republican,” he wrote in 2012.

Yoel says on his personal website that he received his PhD in Communication from the University of Pennsylvania by “studying privacy and safety on gay social networks.”

“These are the kids that are fact checking the President of the United States,” remarked Heather Champion, a commentator on social media. Several of Roth’s tweets were first resurfaced by The New York Post’s Jon Levine early Wednesday morning.

Roth’s most polemical and political posts, which do not carry any warning label, were under extra scrutiny as Trump accused Twitter of “interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election” by again acting out of apparent left-wing bias. The president vowed to take unspecified action.

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