Opinion| During the Clinton presidency it became popular to call CNN the Clinton News Network.  That was never more apparent than over the past three-plus years as we witnessed every corrupt action by Hillary Clinton explained away or simply ignored.

In order to promote her presidential aspirations, CNN adopted a two-pronged approach.  Defend or ignore the overwhelming evidence of corruption that she had left in her wake and do everything in their power to influence the public’s opinion of Donald Trump in the most negative way.

After the election, as people began seeing the results of Trump’s policies and evidence of a vast CIA-DOJ-FBI-State Department conspiracy to aid Clinton by destroying Trump became public, CNN began hemorrhaging viewers.

CNN reacted by doubling down on denigrating Trump to the point the network became unwatchable for everyone except the most ardent Clinton/Obama supporters whose cognitive dissonance prevented a logical assessment of the evidence.

After having lost an alarming 40% of its viewers in 2017, you’d think CNN president Jeff Zuckerberg would have at least made an attempt to look like something other than a mouthpiece for Hillary Clinton, the Deep State, and/or the CIA.

He didn’t.

Last week was another ratings disaster for CNN.  The network’s primetime ratings dropped a stunning 33% from the same week last year.

The magnitude of CNN’s decline/failure is reflected by President Trump’s soaring approval ratings:

The president’s willingness to engage corrupt news reporting head-on, rather than allow his opponents to define him and the issues facing the country, coupled with the success of his America First policies, has helped Americans realize just how badly they’ve been manipulated in the past.

CNN has fallen into such disrepute that it now has less viewers than cartoons running on Nickelodeon.  People now view cartoons as more believable. That’s not a good place for a “news” network to find itself.

CNN’s recent decline cannot be attributed to a rise in its direct competitor for the radical leftist viewer, either.  Rachel Maddow, who exploded onto the primetime scene at MSNBC, lost 500,000 of her viewers, over the same time period last year.

One Cornell professor characterized Maddow’s success stemming from having “carved out her faux-intellectual paranoid niche.”

However, the numbers show that even that radical fringe group is now shrinking.

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