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Blago Is Back And He’s Exposing The Democrat Party For What They Really Are


Blago Is Back And He’s Exposing The Democrat Party For What They Really Are

Steven Ahle| Never a truer word has ever been spoken.

The Democrats have indeed abandoned the American worker and in particular, Black American workers.

They have been put on the back burner in favor of communists and illegal aliens.

That is why President Trump’s approval rating among Blacks is ever increasing.

They now can find work, and that work has seen the wages increase significantly.

Blago said:

“When I say I’m a Trumpocrat—and hopefully a lot of others are as well, and I believe they are—it’s largely because the Democratic Party has not only left us but it’s abandoned traditional Democratic constituencies like working people, factory workers like my father an immigrant who came to America and spent all of his time here as a working man working in a steel factory,” Blagojevich said. “And also, the Democratic Party has for far too long taken the African American community for granted.”

“They’ve not only abandoned them, they’ve sold them out when they passed the crime bill in 1994 that President Clinton and Vice President Biden, then-Senator Biden backed and voted for. Our senator here, Sen. Durbin, voted for it. It’s a bill that led to the mass incarceration of a whole new generation of African American men for nonviolent first-time drug offenses, over-sentencing them and then putting them in a position where they can have no opportunity whatsoever to begin a new life after correcting the mistakes that they made and paying their debts to society, frankly, for the crimes that they committed. President Trump, interestingly enough, is speaking to those constituencies in ways that traditional Republicans never did.”

“And I think he’s not only been successful politically because he’s done it, I think he’s revolutionizing American politics,” Blagojevich said. “He’s re-aligning politics in America by drawing from those traditional Democratic constituency groups, the factory worker that used to work in a factory that’s gone because of the 1994 NAFTA bill that President Clinton signed sending all those jobs away. President Trump is bringing them back in places like western Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin and southern Illinois—the rust belt states. One of the many frustrations I had as governor was when I would leave the Chicagoland area where I’m from—I’m from Chicago—and I’d visit places like the Quad Cities or Marion, Illinois, or Franklin County, Illinois, where they used to have coal mines and people were working and that was the economic anchor of the community or you’d go to a place like Galesburg, Illinois, where the Maytag factory once was but has left because of NAFTA and President Clinton and the policies of the Democratic Party that’s supposed to be the party that protected those people and looked out for their interests.”

“It’s hard to be able to explain to those communities that there was hope, that there was a possibility that we might be able to bring some of those economic engines back to the state. Now, at last, we have a president who not only promised to do it but he’s doing it. I think President Trump is making real strides in succeeding in that but more importantly he’s actually addressing the needs of the American worker. And with the First Step Act, he’s actually done something for a community that overwhelming votes for Democrats like me. We easily get 90 percent or better of the African American vote when we run against Republicans. Yet, the Democratic Party I would say cynically has taken the African American community for granted. It’s almost immoral, their treatment of the African American community by sort of just keeping them dependent and in a certain place where they have to look to government for all the answers when at the same it’s actually government through over-sentencing and targeting African Americans that are causing a lot of the problems and conditions in these very communities.”

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