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Curse: Trump Hating U.S. Soccer Team Embarrassed On Global Stage, Slammed For Disgraceful Tea Celebration


Curse: Trump Hating U.S. Soccer Team Embarrassed On Global Stage, Slammed For Disgraceful Tea Celebration

Elder Patriot’s Opinion – Classless is the best word to describe Megan Rapinoe and her arrogant teammates on the U.S. Women’s Soccer team.

The U.S. women began earning their reputation with an opening round, 13-0, thrashing of Thailand.  

There was no need to run up the score and while I realize you can’t tell players not to try, even my son’s hockey coach would call off the dogs and demand 10 passes before a shot was permitted.  In youth baseball, there’s a 10-run rule.

For the U.S. Women to run up the score was unnecessary.  But, the celebrations after each goal reeked with a lack of sportsmanship.

The team’s disgusting display continued with a series of events that, for many patriotic Americans, was simply unacceptable.

One of the team’s stars, Megan Rapinoe followed the display against Thailand by telling everyone within earshot that if the U.S. team wins the World Cup, she’s “not going to the f**king White House.”

President Trump did his best to diffuse the worsening situation by inviting the team to the White House whether they won or lost.  

Instead, the team chose to close ranks around Rapinoe, who is openly lesbian, continued refusing to sing the U.S. national anthem; kneeled during ceremonies to make her hatred for America visible; and used every microphone within her grasp to tell the media about her politics in an effort to increase her resistance credentials.

When Rapinoe was benched for the match against England because her defense leaves a lot to be desired, the goal scoring was assumed by Alex Morgan who proved to be just as obnoxious, as unimaginable as that seems.

After scoring what turned out to be the winning goal in the World Cup for a 2-1 win against England, Morgan celebrated by pretending to drink a cup of tea, hoisting a pinkie in the air.  It was an in your face gesture that wasn’t appreciated by the Brits.

British forward Lianne Sanderson tore into Morgan’s little display… as much as a reserved Brit would:

“I expected Alex to grab a goal but I’m not that happy with that celebration.  You can celebrate how you want, but for me that is a bit distasteful, and I don’t think she needs to do that.”

“For me, I could be wrong, but it’s based upon playing against England.  We love our tea in England. I’m not a tea drinker, but that’s what we’re connected with, so I think it’s a little bit distasteful.”

Sanderson is too classy to say much more than that.

Faye White, a less reserved player for England’s national team,was a bit more direct in her reaction to the petty U.S. gesture. “I wish I was on the pitch to put in a tackle.” 

U.S. manager Jill Ellis made it clear that the players classless acts were fully condoned, and even encouraged, by her:  

“It’s important that our team has confidence, I don’t think in any way this is an arrogant team. I think this team knows they’ve got to earn everything, that we’ve got tough opponents still ahead of us and we have to earn every right to advance in this tournament.” 

I used to ask my son, when he was twelve, why he never celebrated scoring.  He said he wanted to look like “he’d been there before.”  That’s a lesson the U.S. Women’s Soccer team should consider.

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