I think that the Dems finally went too far this time, with this ‘the Founders and Mount Rushmore are racist’ nonsense.  Did two of the men on Mount Rushmore own slaves?  Yes & It’s disgusting.  However that is not what the monument is honoring, it is honoring their willingness to fight for individual liberty.

The monument also does not stop with the Founders, it shows the evolution of our leadership overtime and includes the abolition of slavery.  How come now that Trump is President, all of a sudden all US history is racist and must be torn down?  This must just be an odd coincidence …. right?

Opinion| Ahle| Before the National Guard had the white vans that were disabled away, protesters removed baseball bats with spikes in them. The crowd cheered as the vans were hauled away and the police begin arresting the domestic terrorists. The National Guard has donned gas masks and has warned reporters to stand back.

The roadway is still blocked but the National Guard is working to remove the radicals from the area and open a path to those attending President Trump’s speech.

It is of the utmost importance that those who are arrested face federal charges and get sure and swift punishment for their deeds in order to keep this from being a regular occurrence. Nothing else would mean that the radicals are emboldened to do this on a regular basis.

This is South Dakota, not Minneapolis or St Louis. I expect justice will be done, although I’m hoping for federal charges and not ones from the state. Federal charges carry a much higher penalty.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Update: Protesters have been given until 7:00 PM local time to leave or else they will be removed.

Anarchists and leftists on Friday disabled vans and blocked the road to President Trump’s Mount Rushmore event.

Police warned the press to back up because the National Guard masked up and prepared to deploy tear gas.

The silent majority is silent no more …. it’s on America!

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