How did we get here, and more than that, how did we get here so quickly?  How does someone get away with threatening to do this on national tv?  Why are there two sets of rules for different people in this country?   How long will this last before things bubble over into something that has too much momentum to stop?

Newsome says he could be talking figuratively or literally, it’s open for interoperation.  However, considering the number of riots, statues that have been torn down and fires that have been set recently by similar minded groups, it is hard for me not to take this literally, but hey, that’s just my opinion, here is Mr. Hale’s:

Opinion| Steven Ahle| Black Lives Matter Greater New York Chair Hawk Newsome has issued what could easily be described as a terrorism threat when he said that if this country does not give BLM what they want, they will burn down the system.

Newsome said:

“If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.. I could be speaking figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It’s a matter of interpretation.” 

Senior legal advisor to Trump’s team Jenna Ellis said:

“Newsflash: The United States doesn’t negotiate with violent terrorists.”

BLM and Antifa have been on a reign of terror but only in liberal cities with weak-kneed mayors where they can get away with it. They have looted, burned, assaulted, and destroyed national monuments. And in the forefront are Democrats cheering them on. Of course, right after the election, Democrats will do what they always do…..nothing.

From The Gateway Pundit

We already knew Black Lives Matter are radical neo-Marxists and the co-founder confirmed it during an interview last week.Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter proudly admitted she’s a radical, anti-white Marxist.

Black Lives Matter is seeking to transform America by defunding the police, dismantling capitalism, ‘destroying the patriarchy,’ breaking down the nuclear family unit, emptying prisons, redistributing wealth in the form of reparations among other far left objectives.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters have destroyed small businesses, targeted churches and razed buildings to the ground.

Tonight one of the leaders of BLM openly threatened to burn down the system if his people don’t get what they want.

Where is the FBI and DOJ??

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