Steven Ahle, Opinion| Where in the world is FBI agent Joe Pientka? He is being hidden from scrutiny by Christopher Wray, Deep State FBI director who hid exculpatory evidence that would prove the innocence of President Trump during the Russia Collusion Hoax.  For what reason is Wray forbidding Pientka from testifying before congress?

In a document released by NIS director John Ratcliffe we find out that the FBI planted Pientka into a briefing with the president for the sole purpose of spying on the not yet inaugurated Donald Trump. He was also heavily involved int the Gen Michael Flynn debacle.

Wray also blocked the release of testimony given to Congress, effectively keeping Republicans from revealing important information that exonerates President Trump. Those transcripts are now freely available and prove that not only was no collusion but that investigators knew there was no collusion early on.

Those documents also prove that the FBI and the DOJ were well aware that the Steele dossier was a document filled with lies and rumors. Both the Mueller Report and the DOJ IG report by David Horowitz back it up. The primary source for the Steele dossier testified to that fact.

In my opinion, there should be an investigation against Wray for obstruction of justice. Had it not been for Richard Grenell and his release of the Transcripts Wray had not released, we might never have known the extent of the plot against President Trump.

Gregg Jarrett, investigative reporter said:

At the heart of it, Joe Pientka. You’re right. I write about it in my book. But interestingly the government has scrubbed him from all reports including the FBI report, the Department of Justice report, even the FISA Court report. And the FBI has removed him from their website and sequestored him to San Francisco’s field office refusing to make him available, not withstanding any repeated demands to Congress. That’s the coverup by the existing FBI director Christopher Wray. And the other part of this equation is that the documents today – they’re exculpatory. They tend to prove Trump’s innocence and yet the FBI and Christopher Wray have concealed these documents along with the intel community for the better part of four years. It’s unconscionable. It’s corrupt.

Turn him over to the investigators … NOW!

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